Guest Room #2

Hello all! This September has been filled with so many celebrations and has completely flown by! We started our month with a trip to Mendocino for the first wedding of the year (for us, anyways). Since we were there we obviously had to stop at the glass beach. You can’t really tell its glass along the shoreline until you are standing on it, but it is super cool! Continue reading “Guest Room #2”

Media Center

Well, I’m hooked. That’s the first step to solving an addiction, right?? I discovered Gable Lane Crates about a month and a half ago and now I’m completely obsessed with it. It kind of reminds me of those subscriptions¬†that sends you a new box of shoes every month depending on your style, except you’re not obligated to buy anything ever, and you can basically buy unlimited if you want to. Continue reading “Media Center”

Tackling Reupholstery

It’s been so long since my last post! I can’t believe how fast July went by. Don’t worry, I will share a few of our adventures with you guys! First project I wanted to share from this past month is my very first upholstery project. I’ve been wanting to reupholster something (anything) for quite some time now, and I finally had the chance to try it out. Continue reading “Tackling Reupholstery”