Demo for Days

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go, *whistles.* That is seriously what I was singing all weekend. Except we weren’t mining for jewels, we were tearing down a covering and hauling broken concrete. It’s just as rewarding, right? The end result sure is exciting! Continue reading “Demo for Days”

Backyard Revival

We are on a roll! With our patio knocked out, we are itching to get the rest of our yard into better shape. And I mean it when I say we have big plans for this yard. To get started, I made a list. Obviously. I have a list obsession. The act of checking things off is just so satisfying! Continue reading “Backyard Revival”

Patio – Stage 5

Bet you didn’t expect to see this update so soon, did you?! Me neither, to be honest. But I am so happy it’s here! Ladies and gentlemen, the patio is ready to decorate! Enjoy the photos! Continue reading “Patio – Stage 5”

Patio – Stage 4

Oh. My. Gosh. Longest part of a project ever! So, we always make fun of my dad for saying something will only take 5 minutes. Or the destination is just around the corner… I am a little ashamed to admit that, for the first time, I am guilty of this. I thought that laying out the pavers would take a weekend, max. And that we could probably finish them during the week after work. I was so wrong. So, so, so wrong. I vow to never be this wrong again!

Continue reading “Patio – Stage 4”

Patio – Stage 3

We have a patio base! I repeat, we have a patio base! I might be a little bit too optimistic, but I think we might actually finish off the patio within a month! I guess it will depend on how much work the pergola ends up being. It can’t be too hard, right?

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