Paint Prep – ORC Week 2

Here we are, week 2! I gotta admit, seeing how far some of the other ORC guest participants have come already is making me a bit jealous. But then I remind myself that we had a fun weekend away and have been busy with other life things. So even though we didn’t get too much done this past week on our office, any progress is good, right?

I did get a little crazy with my shopping though. Anyone else get like a surge of excitement every time you buy something for your house? Because I do. Every. Single. Time. Ha! I picked up a gorgeous Hunter fan on Amazon. Unfortunately it is no longer in stock, but this is a similar one, just with longer blades. You might remember that I am planning on painting the walls dark, so I wanted a light fan to brighten the space. I also wanted one with slightly shorter blades. Not so short that it looks stumpy. But since the room is on the smaller side (about 9 or 10 feet by 11 or 12 feet), I didn’t want a fan that looked too big for the room. I am really excited to get the fan up and running. It will be so nice to have a fan in there. Especially since the computer seems to make the room hotter during our already horridly hot summers.

Hunter Fan

I also bought a really pretty 5×8 rug from Overstock. I was going between two rugs from Walmart originally (here and here). I still think they are pretty, but I really like the simplicity and almost timelessness of the one from Overstock. Again, I wanted something light to contrast the soon-to-be-dark walls. But I also had to make sure that it hid any dirt. I am hoping that the spots of color in the rug will disguise a lot. Only time will tell. So I am glad that is was so cheap!

Safavieh Hand-Woven Rag Rug

I also threw some paint samples on the walls. I have 4 options so far, and I have only kind of narrowed it down. I have looked at Sherwin Williams, Behr, Valspar, and
Clark and Kensington. The Valspar option is Midsummer Night and the Clark and Kensington colors are Stormy Nights (the original inspiration) and Futuristic Cityscape. I also blended Stormy Nights and Futuristic Cityscape for a fourth option, and I really like how it looks. Unfortunately Ace Hardware said they can’t mix two colors, so I might have to mix them, paint a board or something, and take it somewhere to get a color match, if that ends up being the favorite. I want to do something at least a little different from the dark blues we have been painting lately, but I am a little scared to go too far off that. And I’m not sure if the original shaggy green carpet traumatized me, but I am terrified to go too green. And now as I am typing this I am thinking a deep purple might be pretty. But I also might get tired of that too quickly. Anyways, I have to make a decision so I can actually start painting! And I tried to get the photo to show the true colors, but they are still slightly off. The one on the far left comes off as more of a forest green, but the rest are pretty close.

Left to right: Midsummer Night, Custom Blend, Stormy Night, Futuristic Cityscape

And lastly, I cleared off all of the shelves on our bookcase and took off anything that was mounted to the wall. Everything is dumped in a guest room right now. It is really making me want to go through it all and toss what I don’t like. I am kind of excited about restocking our bookcase and styling it a bit. Not sure how it will be different, but we will see in the end!

I am hoping to get a lot more done this upcoming week, so stay tuned! And definitely check out the progress that other guest participants have completed!


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