Office Face Lift – Another ORC

Wow. It’s already spring (hello allergies!), which means its time for another round of the One Room Challenge! I did pass on the fall ORC this last time. Something about spring is just more motivating. Like spring cleaning. Except this is very much not cleaning. Everything gets messy, and then cleaned up at the very end. Can you tell I am not one of those people who cleans for fun? Organizing, yes. But not actually cleaning. Anyways, back to what is really important. This season of the ORC!

For those who aren’t familiar with the ORC, it is basically a huge challenge where people from all over the world can come together and cheer each other on as we all attempt to transform a room (or two) over the course of 6 weeks. It’s not a race. It’s not a see-who-can-do-the-best-transformation challenge. It’s motivation and a personal challenge to get that room that has been bugging you knocked out in a relatively quick timeline. I’ve participated 3 full times and one half attempt that ended up extending way longer. Between our laundry area, our front yard, and our backyard, I think my favorite has been our backyard. The other two have been major game changers at our house, but our backyard has made us be able to actually enjoy our yard. We go outside now, you guys. And we can have people over and not have to say, “Sorry about all this dirt…”.

This spring, I decided to tackle our office/dog room. We originally painted it with the same style as the rest of the living area so that it would flow nicely. Our living and dining room is completely connected, and that space flows into our office. The office has a cased opening which can be closed off with our barn doors. Which, by the way, we are never changing. I am thinking, and hoping, that this is enough separation to change up the colors and vibe of the office without making it seem like it doesn’t belong. Fingers crossed!

While I was taking some before photos, I came across our photos from when we first started taking our house apart. And oh my gosh. I just have to show you guys. Why was shaggy green carpet ever a thing??

I think this might have been during the house tour…?
We used this room as a staging area for a while
I am still a little sad we ripped out that intercom system to the left

And this was right after we finished the floors and adopted our two little pups. No wonder they cried all night. I wouldn’t want to sleep in those beds either. But now they can tell all their friends how rough they had it when they were little.

And here is where we are today. A huge improvement, but I am excited for a change.

And if you want to see how I made the daybed, or more importantly the dog beds, you can check it out here.

I’ve been really drawn to darker, moodier rooms lately. I think partly thanks to Chris Loves Julia and their design style. Just look at how their reading room looks now! I am also really liking the deeper, richer colors that seem to be popping up everywhere. Like this from Meghan and Marco.

That color is drool worthy! My first step was to find out what that color is. It’s from Ace Hardware, so you know I am going to go find it. I have to at least try it out, right?

Here’s what I am thinking.

The room is on the small side and doesn’t get a whole lot of natural light. You would think, well, not a lot of light means go with a light color, right? But everything I have seen says that light colors, especially white, can look super dingy. And, like I said, I am really liking these dark colors. But to keep it from looking like a deep, dark cave, I am planning on painting the ceiling white and lightening up the space with accents, like a rug.

I also want to add in a ceiling fan. We already have the electrical hooked up since there is lighting, but we will need to out in a box to keep it sturdy. Lucky for me, my dad has a lot of experience with this – we have already gone through it 4 times in our house. With our super hot summers, I think the pups will greatly appreciate it.

And so it begins! Wish us luck!

5 thoughts on “Office Face Lift – Another ORC

  1. I hear you about the green shaggy carpets! This space is going to come out so nice when all done. Love the color scheme you’re going with! Good luck and I look forward to following along progress!

    1. Thank you! Right?! Who ever thought that shaggy green carpet was a good idea…through the whole house?! Oh man, the 60s. Or 70s I guess haha


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