Welcome! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Andi. Back in 2013 I decided I wanted to take on an everlasting project, apparently, so I went and bought a house, with the help of my hubby (then boyfriend). It’s a simple but wonderful ranch-style home with four bedrooms and a huge yard. We knew we absolutely wanted 2 things: a huge yard and at least a two-car garage. My hubby and I got married in 2015, but we have been upgrading our home non-stop since we got it, and it’s wonderful to have a home that we have made entirely our own.

We also got two black lab puppies in December (2013), which were our Christmas gifts to each other. I got Loki, the boy, and he got Kona, the girl. Only after we adopted them did we learn how hard it is to raise two puppies at once. Luckily they are so well behaved and surprisingly calm for labs, and it seems like the worst is behind us…hopefully?

I have known all my life that I have project A.D.D. I get huge ideas and come so close to finishing them. But then I decide I want to get started on a completely different project and finally finish the original project a couple of months later. At least I finish them, right? So this blog is my latest project, I guess you could say. I hope you enjoy it!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I have trouble staying on task too! I think it’s because we get bored with it or distracted, or at least I do. I admire you returning to the project till it’s finished. I’ve maybe revisited abandoned projects twice….oh well! Thanks for following my blog! 😃


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