Built-In Bookcase – ORC Week 5

How is it already week 5?! This season is definitely flying by. But I feel like we are in a good place and I think we will wrap up this office refresh just in the nick of time. And it’s crazy to see how far everyone else has come on their room transformations. Be sure to check them all out!

If you follow my on Instagram, you know that I missed last week’s post. We went on an awesome off-roading adventure in Sedona. Think Disneyland’s Indiana Jones. But longer. And with real risks, ha! If you ever have the chance to go there, go! It is so pretty out there. And basically real-life Cars Land.

Quick update from last week. First, the hubby and I installed the fan in the office! And we have already gotten a ton of use out of it. This little thing is working really well at keeping the room cool. And the light blades turned out to look really great with the green walls.

Lucky for us (or were we just really smart?), when we installed the ceiling light in this room, my dad had made a nice sturdy box to mount it. That meant that when we went to install the fan, we didn’t have to deal with going into the attic at all. Major plus. It went from a two day job to something we could knock out one night after work. If you’ve never installed a fan, or light for that matter, the biggest thing you have to know is to turn off your circuit breaker for that area. We’ve done our fair share of electrical, so we weren’t too worried about hooking up the fan. But you definitely have to follow directions and make sure that you are attaching all of the wires to the right spot. If you really aren’t comfortable, but want to try out doing some electrical, I’d start with changing out an outlet or two. Much simpler. Then, you can work your way up.

Our blinds also got delivered a little over a week ago. We went with wood blinds from Select Blinds, which we just used in our room about a month ago. The only difference was we decided to go with a cord to open and close the blinds. To reach them, you kind of have to reach over the bed. The cordless option just didn’t really work well with this set-up. If you want more details about the blinds we chose, you can check out this post. They make such a huge difference in the room! And are super easy to install. We are slowly replacing them around the house. Someday those will be done.

Sneak peak of another photoshop adventure turned into art!

Then came the next big part of the project. When we first started putting this room together, I got a pretty, dark bookcase from Target. They don’t have the exact one I bought years ago, but this one is similar and comes in a bunch of different colors. I still like the “x” detail along the sides, but I really wanted something a bit more substantial. I think it makes the room feel kind of short somehow since it doesn’t reach the ceiling. To fix that, I decided to use it and turn it into a built-in bookcase. How hard could it be?

First off, painting this was a nightmare. I did sand the surface, but it was still pretty slick. It took about 3 heavy coats to cover the dark wood with white. It feels super nice and smooth, but I am a little nervous about sliding books out all the time and just completely scratching off the white. So I am considering adding in some contact paper on each shelf.

But before we get there, I had to actually finish the construction. The bookcase was about two feet from the ceiling. I made a simple box cabinet out of plywood to act as the base for the bookcase and to raise it to reach the ceiling. It is about half an inch wider and deeper than the bookcase to make sure that the bookcase would be sturdy on there. I still need to add in some door knobs, and I haven’t decided if I want to keep them simple or go fancy. We shall see.

Once I had the base done, the hubby and I stood the bookcase on top of the cabinet. We secured the bookcase to studs in the wall to keep it nice and sturdy. Definitely don’t want that falling over. Can you imagine?! To test, we both tried pulling on it and it never budged! And if you’re wondering, we also secured the base cabinet to the wall. This whole set up isn’t going anywhere.

And that’s where we have gotten to as of tonight! I need to add in some lining to the sides and back of the bookcase to make it seem more built-in. I also need to add trim anywhere the bookcase meets the wall, and some baseboard along the bottom. Hopefully it will seem like it has been there all along! Stay tuned!


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