Paint! ORC Week 3

Half way through this season’s ORC! And I am definitely feeling better about our progress this week. Now, every time I walk through, or even catch a glimpse of the office, I am overcome with happiness. Who knew a little paint could change so much?! I mean, I did, but I am so glad we took a chance on our dark color!

Not going to lie, I still hate prep work. But I knew it was completely necessary here. Our light ceiling would not forgive dark green marks very well. And neither would the baseboards. You can always cover up little mishaps, but it takes more effort when the color is so dark. So to start I taped the entire room. The ceiling edges, the baseboards, and any trim. Old me (pre-hubby) would have left the dogs’ bed where it was and painted around it. But now I know better. Just do it right, even if it takes more time. Ha! I pulled out the bed and found way too much dog hair. So gross. Once I got all that cleaned up and finished taping everything, I started painting. We went with Vaslpar’s Midsummer Night, and I decided to get the top of the line paint quality (Optimus). Darker paint, believe it or not, is the least forgiving as far as coverage goes. Lower paint quality comes out super thin and you end up needing a ton of coats.

And this isn’t even that much taping…

I first started with all of the edges. I like to paint the edges with a paint brush first. That way, once you get to the roller, the roller can kind of hide any paint brush strokes. I got through the first coat of paint using only the paint brush, and I was worried. The color was super green. Like, very much like the shaggy green carpet. And when the hubby saw it, he was like, “Uh…we might have to talk.” But we looked at the sample we threw on the wall and figured it just took two coats.

See how green those edges are along the top?! Weird.

Thank goodness we had a little faith! Once I got the second coat along the edges, I knew the color was spot on. Definitely green, but with a tint of blue and the perfect amount of darkness. We didn’t want the room to ever look black. After I finished the edges and let everything dry, I went ahead and started rolling. When I watch other people paint and give tutorials, it’s like they somehow manage to evenly coat their entire roller and somehow have enough paint to get a whole lot of coverage, but don’t drip anywhere. I don’t get it. But when I paint, I put the paint in the pan, attempt to roll paint onto the roller (I get super uneven coverage – like, half of the roller will get a lot of paint, and the other half barely has anything on) and then start rolling it on the wall. Since my roller is unevenly coated, the paint goes on the wall kind of in waves. Color, blankness, color, etc. But you just have to keep going. It will all get covered eventually. And the beauty of using a roller is that you can’t see any pattern of how you painted. You might after the first coat, but once you get full coverage, you can’t.

The most satisfying part of any paint job, for me anyways, is ripping off all of the tape at the end. It gives you an instant final product! And I couldn’t stop smiling once I saw everything. The color is gorgeous! The only problem? Now we have even more ideas of what to do in the room. We will see how much we actually get done. Hopefully all of it though!

I was also able to finally trim out the window. To be honest, I’m not sure why I hadn’t trimmed the window yet, but it worked out. It made it easier to paint the walls since I didn’t have to worry about getting paint all over it. Since we didn’t have any trim to begin with, putting in new window trim was pretty simple. I thought I had already written a post about it, but apparently not. So expect a post in a couple days with a step-by-step guide on trimming your windows.

Between the paint and the window frame, this room is really coming along! I am hoping to make some good progress on our bookshelf this next week, so stay tuned! And don’t forget to check out everyone else’s ORC progress!

My loyal helper. Just glad to have his bed back to normal.

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