Prep Work – ORC Week 2

Prep work is always the funnest part of projects, right? Can I be honest? It’s not my favorite. I really like to see the finished product, not the well-I-put-in-a-ton-of-work-and-can-barely-see-progress product. But that’s okay. In my heart, I know it will all get better and easier from here!

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Painting Galore! (ORC Week 4)

What a week! The One Room Challenge has been incredible at keeping us on top of things. I know that without it we would be moving much slower, and probably really missing our laundry hookups by now. We have gotten quite a bit done, but there is definitely still a ways to go. Continue reading “Painting Galore! (ORC Week 4)”

First Swim of the Year

It’s getting warm again! This past weekend we took the dogs to the lake for the first time of the year. We were there to work to get the camp all cleaned up and ready for the season, but for the pups it was pure fun! Within the first 10 minutes they were pulling us down to the water. We hadn’t taken them in about 2 years, but they clearly remembered. Continue reading “First Swim of the Year”

Pup Fun

After an extremely hectic two months, I am finally back to normal! Now I can just relax, work on some home and wedding projects, and live the good life. Continue reading “Pup Fun”

4th of July

Don’t you just love escaping from all technology? Except music of course. You can’t go boating without music! We were able to get away this 4th of July weekend at the lake, and we of course brought the puppies along. Continue reading “4th of July”