Bedroom Refresh

I have a confession to make. I have been feeling like our bedroom has been kind of drab for a while now. And that is probably because we haven’t really done a whole lot to it. It has been improving at a much slower pace than the rest of the house, which I know can be a good thing since you really get to figure out what you want. But I’ve just been feeling like there’s no real oomph to the room, you know?

You might remember that we replaced our horrid sliding door in our room about two years ago. That majorly helped our room become a place we actually want to spend time in. Since then we rearranged our room a bit and added in some floating shelves, which have made a surprisingly huge difference in the room. They add some interest to our walls, which other than that really don’t have anything. I had been hesitant to add art or a gallery wall since we don’t have a ton of empty wall space and I don’t want to overwhelm the area. Which is kind of weird, since I know that if we don’t like something, we can just remove it. Which, by the way, is why I added our engineering prints. And they turned out great! So between those and the rest of the additions, our room is feeling so much better.

When we first bought our house, we knew we had to get the bedrooms livable first. We went with light gray for the walls and ceiling, but you know I need color too. Instead of an accent wall like we did with the other two bedrooms, we decided to paint the closet doors. Apparently blue has been my favorite color for a while. We went with a bright, turquoise blue (which is the same as the accent wall in one of the guest bedrooms). And I still love it. But I have noticed that lately I have been drawn to deeper, moodier colors. So between feeling like I want an update in our room and some new inspiration, I thought it was time to darken the closet doors. We went with Krismon Lake Blue from Behr. It was between that and Starless Night (also by Behr), and even though my initial thought was to go with a super dark navy, we liked how the Lake Blue had a little more gray. The Starless Night looked black after the sun went down, which we didn’t really want. So Lake Blue it was!

I wanted to throw some cardboard on the floor and paint the doors where they were. My better judgement, aka the hubby, reminded me that we still needed to get into our closet and didn’t want to sleep in a paint-smelling room. This guy. So sensible. We took the doors down and I painted them outside. I could have tried spray painting, but I like the coverage of using a paint brush better. I also think that the paint strokes almost seem to highlight the grain. Always paint with the natural grain of the wood. About half way through painting the doors, I decided that I am never painting them again. Painting each individual slat is exhausting. Ha! So thank goodness I love the new color so much! I am considering swapping out the hardware, but I still do really like what we have on there now, so for now, it’s staying.

Another big step to changing up our room was replacing our old, broken blinds and adding in curtains. Again, when we first got our house we got whatever blinds Home Depot or Lowes had in stock. I can’t even remember where we got them to be honest. But they were simple and got the job done. Fast forward a few years and they started to fall apart. The blinds in one of our guest rooms no longer open completely. I think a whole string snapped, so only the left side still moves up and down. The right side just hangs there… As for our room, the wand no longer works. So if we want to let any light in we have top completely open the blinds. Which is fine, but I am nervous every time thinking that a string is going to snap. It’s also annoying just knowing that we can’t let some filtered light in. First world problems, right?

This time we went big. I was looking at our options and originally figured I would get faux wood again. But our windows are pretty wide – almost 70 inches. So they feel pretty heavy when we pull them open. Then I read that real wood blinds are lighter than faux. Which doesn’t really make sense to me, but apparently it’s common sense. Now I was on the hunt for real wood, but inexpensive, blinds. I also wanted to try out cordless. I was nervous because of the width, but figured I could always try it out on one window and decide about the rest of the windows after that. I chose these 2-inch wood blinds from Select Blinds, and am super happy with them. I really liked that the description walks you through your options. Like, if your blinds are wider than 72 inches, you should go with their 2 blinds on one headrail option. The installation was quick and easy. And since we already had blinds before, I was able to reuse the drill holes for the braces. It was a major bonus that the valence cover attached with magnets – no weird, finicky slips! The cordless option feels super sturdy, which is great so far. It is kind of weird how we kind of have to lift the blinds open, but they are easy to operate so I think we will get used to it. So yes, I highly recommend them. Also, I am pretty sure their blinds are always on sale, so that is just an added perk.

As for the curtains, I knew I wanted something darker to contrast with our light walls. I also wanted them to go from the ceiling all the way to the floor. I don’t think we will actually close the curtains, but if we wanted to, we definitely could. I bought these dark, 96-inch curtains from Ikea with the intention of altering them. I didn’t want the ties along the top, so I just snipped those off once they came in. I also ironed them (looks who’s a grown up over here) to get the creases out. I did have to hem the bottoms a bit so that they didn’t pool on the floor. I love that look, but it didn’t really work in our room. To hang them, I got this curtain rod and these rings from Target. Online. So that way I didn’t buy a ton of stuff trying to walk through the store. Strategy is the only way to make it through Target alive. I installed the curtain rod so it was almost at the ceiling – I think it might be about 4 inches down. I’m really liking the new feel of this window. And if you’re looking for tips on how and where to hang your curtains, Sherry and John have a great post with everything you could ever want to know.

The curtains kind of complete the walls framing the window. And since I really like our shelves, I decided to center them between the edge of the curtains and the corner. I was worried about them looking too crowded, but I think they turned out pretty nice.

I also bought a couple of sconces to mount above our nightstands. I needed to find sconces that were plug-in because I didn’t want to hardwire them at all. And it isn’t even for the ease. I like how our room is set up, as far as the bed and dresser placement, but I didn’t want to lock us in forever. This way I could place the sconces wherever I wanted without worrying that they will get in the way some day. I did make sure to get sconces that have the switch on the back plate so that I could completely hide the wiring. Some sconces have the switch along the cord and I didn’t want to deal with that. To hide the wiring, I got some of these cable concealers. They are paintable, so I can paint them whenever. They blend pretty well already, so maybe when I remember to pick up some paint the same color as our walls I will actually paint them. To attach them, you just slide the cord into the concealer and remove the backing. They just stick to the wall so you don’t have to worry about putting holes in your wall at all. I would suggest putting the opening (where you slide in the cord) so that it faces a neighboring wall. That way you don’t see it unless you somehow put your face flat on the wall. Now our nightstands look complete!

We didn’t do a whole lot to the room, but I am really liking the new vibe in here. And this was a nice little project to bring us out of our winter hibernation that seems to happen every year.

You wouldn’t believe how much these dogs like to help…


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