Craft Cabinet

It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything from my craft room with you! I haven’t really been able to organize everything in there yet, and that’s mostly because I don’t really have anywhere to put stuff. I was able to organize all my paint on the shelves I had put up a while back, and hung some stuff on the peg boards. But since I have a lot of bulky things too, I decided I needed a cabinet. Luckily I had the perfect spot for it! I thought about the design for a long time, and just as I was about to wing it, I found some amazing plans over at Shanty-2-Chic! I adjusted the width and the height to fit my space, and changed up the finish.

I really love the ultra-distressed/almost beachy look. With some great luck, I managed to get it perfectly! I stained the entire cabinet using Early American. I then brushed on a really light green, which looks almost white. When I painted the colors on, I made sure not to load the brush with paint. That way, I didn’t cover up the stain entirely. The final color added was an aqua color. Ah, I love how the paint turned out!  Now I am trying to think of other places in my house that I could use this paint method…

I also changed up the doors. Instead of making solid doors, I decided to just make the frame and then use chicken wire as the backing. I really want to be able to see all of my different tools (both craft and construction). Luckily, my dad had plenty of chicken wire, so all I had to do was fit it to the doors and staple it on. Now I can’t wait to organize everything! What do you guys think?!



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