Big news! My cousin’s nursery is complete! And super adorable, if I do say so myself. You might remember the Disney prints and the mural that went up, but filling the room with the furniture and all of the baby toys, blankets, and books is really what completed the room. Can’t wait to meet the little baby! Continue reading “Nursery”

Window Photo Frame

I got one window project done! As you might remember, I got a couple of windows from a friend (for free!). I decided to use the first window as a sort of photo frame and shelf combo. I was originally planning on hanging it in the entry way, but it was a little bigger than I expected. Luckily, there was a blank area along our brick wall to the left of the television. I knew it seemed a bit empty before, and the window accents it perfectly! Continue reading “Window Photo Frame”

Craft Cabinet

It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything from my craft room with you! I haven’t really been able to organize everything in there yet, and that’s mostly because I don’t really have anywhere to put stuff. Continue reading “Craft Cabinet”

Living Room Shelves

Sometimes I have so many big plans and ideas in my head that I feel like I can’t get them done fast enough! Like right now, I really want our bathroom to be done, get the backyard looking like it could go in a magazine, paint the house, and finish replacing the windows. Continue reading “Living Room Shelves”

Pallet Wall Decor

So since I have project ADD, instead of finishing off the window wall, I started decorating the pallet wall. I’ve been toying around with how I want to set up the room, and finally decided that I want a tall cabinet in one corner and some sort of peg board organization on the other. In the middle of the wall, I wanted it to basically just look really cool when you look through the window. Continue reading “Pallet Wall Decor”