Craft Cabinet

It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything from my craft room with you! I haven’t really been able to organize everything in there yet, and that’s mostly because I don’t really have anywhere to put stuff. Continue reading “Craft Cabinet”

Crate Shelves

I decided that the bathroom is never actually going to be done. We finished most of it, but we have the new window sitting in our garage, so I want to wait until we put that in to show the final product. So in the mean time I was able to make some adorable shelves out of crates! Continue reading “Crate Shelves”

Baker’s Rack


This might be my favorite project to date. I really can’t believe how easy it was! And it looks like it’s from Pottery Barn or something! I first saw this project on the Lowes project site, and then made some modifications from there. Continue reading “Baker’s Rack”

Bar Stools

When we first started working on the house, we made a list of everything that NEEDED to get done and prioritized everything, with the most important on the top and the least on the bottom. Continue reading “Bar Stools”