Ring Pillow

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! During my extra long weekend I decided to attempt to make our ring pillow for the wedding! I saw an adorable pillow on Etsy the other day, but I didn’t exactly want to pay for it. Especially because there were a few tweaks I wanted to make on it anyways. I loved the phrase on it: “So I can kiss you anytime I want.” However, I needed a way to attach the rings to it without them falling off. I figured I would just add a button and then string some twine through the button, which would then tie on the rings. I also wanted it a little bit lighter in color. Still keeping it kind of rustic, but giving more of a wedding feel. I went over to Jo-Ann’s to get everything I needed and got to work! I also found this awesome looking way to get perfect images or writing onto fabric. Basically you just print a mirrored image onto wax paper, and then press it to the fabric. I followed the instructions here, and had such high hopes! I don’t know what I did wrong, or if my printer just doesn’t work as smoothly as other printers, but basically the wax paper jammed the printer and everything failed miserably. So, I decided I would just have to be super fancy with my writing skills and write out the saying in Sharpie instead. I first tried writing everything out on a piece of paper in the right size (I couldn’t print the word big enough on my printer) and then I traced everything onto the fabric. It did bleed a tiny bit, but in the end I couldn’t even tell! The writing definitely took the longest, but once that part was done, I was so proud of how it looked!




I then cut the fabric to size for the pillow. I bought a little extra fabric, which helped when I was sewing the two sides together. I sewed three of the sides together normally – inside out so when you flip it back to normal the seams are nice and pretty. Once I stuffed the pillow inside my cover, I kind of make-shifted the last sewn edge. I folded in the edges so that they were at least clean, and then I did a kind of wrap stitch. I figured this would keep it closed, and by keeping everything small you can’t really tell that it’s too different from the other seams. Of course, if you have any sort of patience at all you could google how to hand stitch a pillow closed. But it was late and I was way too anxious to finish.


Once I had my main pillow, I threaded the twine through the button, and then sewed the button straight through the middle of the pillow. I ended up sewing it completely from the front of the pillow to the back so that it would get that pressed-in pillow thing. (Great description, right?) Hopefully this thread keeps it nice and tight until after the wedding ceremony! I really just love how it turned out!



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