Major landmark for the craft room! I decided I really need to get moving on this room so I can store all of our wedding prep stuff in there instead of taking up all of the corners around the house. So I busted out the floor! Not to brag or anything, but I totally did it completely by myself! Such a feeling of accomplishment!

Originally I was going to reuse the laminate that we pulled up from one of the bedrooms in the house, but once I started trying to snap the boards together I realized that there was a lot of dried glue in the grooves. It would’ve taken months trying to pry it all out. So instead I went to Home Depot and picked out the cheapest laminate I could find, making sure I could handle how it looked. Knowing that this floor is going to get pretty banged up, painted on, and have little muddy puppy paws on it constantly made me much less picky about how it looked. I went with a lighted colored laminate to keep the space feeling larger. It literally took me two days to put it all in! It would’ve taken one but I didn’t have a rubber mallet the first day so I just got frustrated and gave up until I got a hold of one. Definitely something I need to purchase in the near future. I really love how it turned out!!! I am thinking once I get a couple of the walls up I will feel comfortable storing the wedding stuff in there. Almost!



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