Smaller Guest Room

Hallelujah! We have officially “finished” the smaller guest bedroom! I mean, I will of course add to it over time, and change things around whenever I feel like I want to, but it is done! Continue reading “Smaller Guest Room”

Herb Garden

Happy Monday! This was definitely one of those weekends that felt a little too short. But at least I was able to get a pretty sweet little project in! A few weeks ago we received a few herbs that were already planted in little clay pots. I was really hoping they would just thrive on their own, but alas, that is not the case. We have already lost the basil (any tips anyone??), but I think the parsley and thyme are going to make it! Hopefully. Continue reading “Herb Garden”

Window Photo Frame

I got one window project done! As you might remember, I got a couple of windows from a friend (for free!). I decided to use the first window as a sort of photo frame and shelf combo. I was originally planning on hanging it in the entry way, but it was a little bigger than I expected. Luckily, there was a blank area along our brick wall to the left of the television. I knew it seemed a bit empty before, and the window accents it perfectly! Continue reading “Window Photo Frame”

Window Projects (Inspiration)

Happy Friday everyone! A friend of mine recently replaced the windows in his house. When he mentioned that he has a bunch of old windows and didn’t know what to do with them, I instantly got excited! Continue reading “Window Projects (Inspiration)”

Window Part 2!

We have finished the window! You might remember this from before: Continue reading “Window Part 2!”