Herb Garden

Happy Monday! This was definitely one of those weekends that felt a little too short. But at least I was able to get a pretty sweet little project in! A few weeks ago we received a few herbs that were already planted in little clay pots. I was really hoping they would just thrive on their own, but alas, that is not the case. We have already lost the basil (any tips anyone??), but I think the parsley and thyme are going to make it! Hopefully. Continue reading “Herb Garden”

Living Room Shelves

Sometimes I have so many big plans and ideas in my head that I feel like I can’t get them done fast enough! Like right now, I really want our bathroom to be done, get the backyard looking like it could go in a magazine, paint the house, and finish replacing the windows. Continue reading “Living Room Shelves”

Table Top Part II

Remember when I put together the rustic table top for the wedding? It worked out perfectly by the way and the way the staff had it set up couldn’t have turned out better. Continue reading “Table Top Part II”

Table Top

There is so much to do before the wedding! I was able to check one item off of my to-do list: a table top for the dessert buffet! The venue has some wine barrels just lying around (!) so we are going to use two of them as the “legs” of the table, and we are providing the table top. Originally I was just going to get a piece of plywood and cover it with a table linen, and then throw a table runner over it. Continue reading “Table Top”

Barn Doors

It’s been a while! I thought I would share one of the greatest projects we have had since we got our house. We have an opening between our living/dining room and our computer/puppy room. Continue reading “Barn Doors”