First Swim of the Year

It’s getting warm again! This past weekend we took the dogs to the lake for the first time of the year. We were there to work to get the camp all cleaned up and ready for the season, but for the pups it was pure fun! Within the first 10 minutes they were pulling us down to the water. We hadn’t taken them in about 2 years, but they clearly remembered. Continue reading “First Swim of the Year”

First Fall!

This is the pup’s first official fall! They were born mid-October, but they were too young to really enjoy it and not even allowed outside, so we were super excited for all of our leaves to start to fall! We have a couple of pretty good piles going already, and I am kind of wishing that the tree would just stop losing its leaves, but that is only a dream. Continue reading “First Fall!”

Multi-Use Daybed!

It is finally finished! When we first got the puppies we got them one big kennel to share. It was not the prettiest sight in the world though, and we knew we could do better. I also knew that I wanted a daybed in the computer room, but I had originally wanted a small, dainty one. Continue reading “Multi-Use Daybed!”

4th of July

Don’t you just love escaping from all technology? Except music of course. You can’t go boating without music! We were able to get away this 4th of July weekend at the lake, and we of course brought the puppies along. Continue reading “4th of July”

Puppies Get a Pool

The puppies got a little wading pool a couple of weeks ago. You know, the kiddie pool type. I decided it was about time to empty it out and refill it for them since it was getting pretty gross. Loki did not appreciate me emptying it. Continue reading “Puppies Get a Pool”