Painted Craft Room

I was originally going to post these updates as they happened, but then I realized that to keep it a surprise for the hubby I would need to wait until he is already home. So these next couple posts (I don’t think it will be many more) are kind of “in real-time” but delayed. Make sense? I hope so! Okay, so back to the update!

It’s already such a huge improvement! And we have finally gotten rid of the last of the original green house color! Check it out! Continue reading “Painted Craft Room”

Dutch Door

In theory, a dutch door should be super easy to make, right? Slice a door in half and add some sort of stopping device. Piece. Of. Cake.

Yeah right! Now, this project is only partly done. I worked on it while I had my mini vacation at home, and I though it would take me about 2 days to finish it. My initial plans were: Continue reading “Dutch Door”