Patio – Stage 3

We have a patio base! I repeat, we have a patio base! I might be a little bit too optimistic, but I think we might actually finish off the patio within a month! I guess it will depend on how much work the pergola ends up being. It can’t be too hard, right?

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Patio – Stage 1

We have officially started the patio! I mean, maybe we “officially” started it when we ripped down the sun room disaster. Or when we finally replaced the sliding door and patched the stucco. Or when we bought the stone. But we have finally gotten to the point of no return and are actually motivated to get it done!   Continue reading “Patio – Stage 1”

Concrete Countertop

I feel like it has been forever since I last posted! I think I currently have three projects going on. Because, you know, I have no focus. Oh well, such is life! Last night we hit a huge milestone…we finished out countertop! I have to be honest, the hubby did most of this work. He had experience with forming concrete from his college days as an architecture student, and I was super nervous that if I touched it, it would break. By the way, this thing will NEVER break. I did help out a bunch though!  Continue reading “Concrete Countertop”


From the day we started looking at houses the hubby made it clear that his Mustang needed to be in a garage and that it needed a 2-car garage. So basically my car would have to park in the driveway every day. As much as I like to give him a hard time about it, I am totally fine with that. Fast forward two years and he gets a new truck. Not just new to him, but brand new. And it’s a beauty. And huge. Totally cool. Continue reading “Driveway”