Gravel Path – ORC Week 3

The One Room Challenge Week 3 update is here! It’s been super hard waiting to plant all of my flowers, but luckily there is plenty to keep me busy. The hubby reminded me that we should wait for the painters to be done so that way there is no chance of everything getting trampled. We didn’t take into account that the wind might knock them over and give the dogs the fun activity of going through them, but lucky for us, most of the plants survived! The dogs survived too. Zero issues.

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From the day we started looking at houses the hubby made it clear that his Mustang needed to be in a garage and that it needed a 2-car garage. So basically my car would have to park in the driveway every day. As much as I like to give him a hard time about it, I am totally fine with that. Fast forward two years and he gets a new truck. Not just new to him, but brand new. And it’s a beauty. And huge. Totally cool. Continue reading “Driveway”

Photo Collage

I have always loved the look of photo collages on blank walls. I absolutely love our brick wall in our house, but it did look a little lonely. Here is what it has looked like for the past two years: Continue reading “Photo Collage”

Living and Dining Space

While we continue working on the bathroom remodel, I figured I would show you guys what we have done to the living area! This was definitely the most time consuming part of the house to work on, but so far, probably the most rewarding. Continue reading “Living and Dining Space”