Paint Colors and Other News

Thank goodness this season’s One Room Challenge was extended an extra week. Last week we practically did nothing. Except clear all of the leaves off the patio. And enjoy our fire pit. Typical fall activities. I gotta say, it was pretty relaxing. But that just means that this week is going to be super busy!

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Hello, Fall

I get so excited this time of year! And it really feels like fall – our leaves are falling and blowing everywhere in our backyard and covering our lawn dirt with all sorts of colors!  I have always wanted to decorate our home for autumn, but I haven’t exactly accumulated a ton of decor items. I had a couple of stems with red leaves and pumpkins that I would plop in my vases, and an autumn-themed welcome sign, but that’s about it.  Continue reading “Hello, Fall”

First Fall!

This is the pup’s first official fall! They were born mid-October, but they were too young to really enjoy it and not even allowed outside, so we were super excited for all of our leaves to start to fall! We have a couple of pretty good piles going already, and I am kind of wishing that the tree would just stop losing its leaves, but that is only a dream. Continue reading “First Fall!”