New Camera!

Everyone says the photos make the post. So true. That’s entirely what draws me in to all of the different blogs that I follow – I want photos! And I am so excited that (hopefully) now all of my photos will be stunning! The hubby got me a new camera for Christmas and I have been testing it out basically every day since. And I am so impressed! Continue reading “New Camera!”

Spring Refreshment

All of this beautiful spring weather has really gotten me in the mood to sort of refresh our living space. That, and our new couch is supposed to arrive any day now (!) so now is a great time to move things around. Continue reading “Spring Refreshment”

Towel Hangers

Since we are currently redoing our master bathroom, we have had the chance to truly live in our guest bathroom. I (still) love this bathroom. Definitely no regrets on anything we did. That being said, we had only put up one towel rack. With two of us in there, plus the towel on the rack just to make it look pretty, we were needing to get creative on how to let our towels dry. Continue reading “Towel Hangers”

RISE Festival

Even though this post doesn’t fall into any of my categories, I had to share this with you! This past weekend we took a trip over to Vegas with a few friends. We did do a little of your typical Vegas scene. You know, gambling and walking around the strip with those ginormous fruity frozen drinks of deliciousness. Continue reading “RISE Festival”

Home Background

A little background info on our house. It was built in 1964 and I don’t think anything had changed since then when we first bought it. It had some “vintage” green, shag carpet, no ceiling lights in the living space or hallway, and super old lighting fixtures in the other rooms. Continue reading “Home Background”