Office Complete! ORC Week 6

One more One Room Challenge for the books! And this last week stretch was a struggle. But so worth it in the end. Is it weird that my favorite room in the house is always changing depending on what we update? Although, it is pretty close between our new office and our bedroom, which we just redid. But our office seriously makes me so happy!

Here’s a quick shot of our freshly-bought room for your enjoyment.

And here is were we started a mere 6 weeks ago.

Welcome to the new office!

Like I said, we had a lot to get done this last week. I didn’t think it was too much, but then the hubby reminded me of his great idea to amp up the computer area. Thank goodness he pretty much did all of that! No way I could’ve gotten the room done without his help. Between the two of us, we were able to wrap up the built-in bookcase, revamp the closet area where the computer sits, and get the room put back together. I’m tired just writing this! Literally, my eyes are blinking so slowly it’s like I almost take a nap every time.

To finish the bookcase, I lined the sides and back with thin wood paneling and painted it all white. I also basically filled in any gaps with the same paneling. Once I had all the paneling attached (using a nail gun), I caulked all of the seams. The lazy part of me was only going to caulk seams that you can see, but once I got going, I couldn’t stop. It was like a good compulsion. Since everything is solid, or at least seems solid, and since it all appears connected to the walls and ceiling, it really feels like it has been there forever. And I love how it turned out! Restocking all of our books was one of the most satisfying parts of this refresh. It all came back together so nicely! I have way too much stuff left over still in one of the bedrooms, but I think I can just toss a lot of it. One of the greatest feelings in the world: purging.

For the computer area, the hubby used a nail gun to attach some 1x4s along the entire wall. We figured that since the rest of the room was dark, a light, natural tone in here would contrast really nicely. We didn’t want the wood to be too yellow though, so we coated it all with a light white wash once it was up on the wall. Luckily, the white wash went super quick. Messy, but quick. I still have stain embedded into my skin. Like a badge of honor, you know?

Once we had the wood up, we figured we would just put our shelf back up. But I kind of like the emptiness of it, so we are leaving it off for now. I am also wondering if I want to put a large photo or a simple set of photos above the computer. Since we aren’t 100 percent sure what we want to do here, we figured we would leave it for now and see what inspiration comes to us. And anyways, it looks amazing as-is.

And now, more photos! And be sure to check out the rest of the completed rooms! Everyone did such a great job, and I know I will be spending at least a couple of days looking through everyone’s finished spaces. Enjoy!

Square 24-inch frame from Art to Frames
Rug from Overstock; Hunter Fan from Amazon
Yes, I dedicated a whole shelf to Harry Potter.

11 thoughts on “Office Complete! ORC Week 6

  1. The wall color is awesome and all of the little details in the room make it just perfect!

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