Photo Ledge

If you’ve been here from the beginning, you might remember when I DIY’ed some canvas art to hang over our buffet table. I still love how they turned out, but I am definitely ready for something new. And I wanted to create something that would be easy to switch out whenever I felt like it. Which is why I was so happy when ChrisLovesJulia shared their how-to for their art ledge!


Small disclaimer: Sorry for the grainy photos. I took everything with my phone because I was so excited to start all of my Christmas decorating so I forgot to grab my actual camera…

I decided to recreate their art ledge in our dining area for a few reasons: I was tired of my canvas art; the wall is nice and long so there is plenty of room for a ton of photos; and it would create a more interesting view for people sitting along the bench of the dining table. Plus, I was itching for a new project.

When I first started planning out this project, I was thinking I would make the ledge as long as the buffet table. But after I measured the buffet table, it seemed way too small. Like, I wouldn’t be able to fit all my grand photo ideas that I had. So the hubby and I stood back for a while and decided it would look fine if the ledge extended past the edges of the buffet table. I might want to put something between the buffet table and the kitchen countertop area to kind of balance it out, but I am still trying to figure out what I want to do. But I am really glad we went with a longer ledge. I really didn’t want everything to fill crammed in there.


I followed Chris’ instructions to a T (I used Minwax Dark Walnut for my stain), and then followed their advice on how high to hang the ledge – you want your artwork (or photos) to be about eye level. I did account for our tier that we have on our buffet table since it is really useful to have there. So in the end, we hung the ledge 53 inches off of the ground. It’s a little bit higher than their recommended 41 inches, but it doesn’t seem awkwardly high or anything.


I really like how Julia layers all of her art. I think it gives it a more kind of lived-in vibe. Instead of something that is too structured, you know? Plus, then I don’t need to worry about spacing the frames out perfectly. Also, I really like how the frames are all different. For our ledge, I decided to print out three main photos to place in large frames. The beach is where the hubby and I both went to school (and met), we love camping so I thought that the lake in the mountains represented that well, and our home at a very clean stage. Those three frames are tied together just by their wood tones. After that, I just picked up a few different frames that made me happy. I still need to find some more frames, and then find some photos to put in them, but I don’t want to rush that process. Like, if I don’t love a frame, I don’t want to buy it just for the sake of filling up my ledge.


This project was super simple to do, and I really like how it feels like a big change in our dining area. Even though it really isn’t.


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