Beach Getaway

I have been wanting to take the pups to a beach for a long time. Since before we got them, I’m pretty sure. And since I have been feeling like I just needed a break from life for a few days, I decided why not? 

I was able to convince my parents to head down to Pismo for a couple of nights so we could go camping, relax, and get my pups to enjoy the ocean. And boy did they enjoy it. They’ve of course been to lakes and rivers, but it’s not quite the same, you know? Besides having water that never ends, there is also a ton of space for them to run on the sand. It was doggy heaven for them, for sure. To get there, we had to take quite the road trip. Of course, the pups all thought that they could sit wherever they wanted. This was after we stopped for a snack break and had to get back in the car…


Once we got there, we were pleasantly surprised at how big each of the campsites were. And how many tents we saw! I love tent camping, so it was nice not to have a ton of RVs with their generators surrounding us.


Our first afternoon we took my two pups and my parent’s pup Boulder for a stroll on the beach right next to the campground. Boulder has been to the beach a ton of times. I had him with me during my last year at college in SLO, so we would go all the time. I like to think he was showing off his old stomping grounds to my pups. Anyways, we went along the beach just south of the Pismo pier, so the pups all had to stay on a leash.


Boulder had no interest in a photo shoot when he was with my parents. He just wanted to play.


I was super proud of my pups for doing so well! Normally they are pulling like crazy, but I think they we so busy taking everything in that they kind of slowed down.


They were crying when they weren’t allowed to run in the water freely. I did let them get their paws wet though. We did the whole run-away-from-the-waves game. Not sure if they got the point, but they seemed to like it anyways. And, I didn’t even care about how cold the water was.



During our full day we took them to Avila – aka the dog beach. It was in the middle of the week, so luckily we had almost the whole beach to ourselves. I have never seen Loki run so fast for so long. And Kona even got worn out! Oh my gosh, you guys, it was amazing. I am thinking I will have to convince the hubby to make this a regular vacation. It was as perfect as it could get.


“Throw it. Throw it. Throw it. Throw it.”


Looks like team work, but really, they are all trying to be the one to bring it back.


Take me back!


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