Craft Room Exterior Plans

I feel like I can almost take my sweet time with this next project now that the One Room Challenge has wrapped up. And knowing that wrapping up my craft room exterior will basically finish our backyard makes me kind of sad. Like, what do people do without huge projects to do? Relax? I’m sure I will come up with something.

Yes, there are still a few final touches with the bar. We have a few more spots to add tile, we need to get the pergola up, and we need to run electrical. And while I know the plan, I also know how particular the hubby is. See, he is gone on a vacation of sorts for the next three weeks, so I am in a kind of on hold with the bar. I know I could tile, but I like when I don’t have to use the tile saw. I just imagine a piece of my finger flying off. Nice visual, I know.  To keep myself busy, I thought I could beautify the craft room!


Look how sad it looks before our bar was built! It looks so tiny!

Now it at least looks substantial. A bit of a mess, but better.


Last fall I mentioned that I was thinking of a super light color for the craft room. How times change. Now we have decided that a dark blue would look way better. Once the bar was up, we thought that painting the craft room too light would kind of make it blend into the patio. And I am not about blending. I like contrast way more. We decided on a color ages ago, but I finally have time to actually make this happen.

We have also had a few more little pieces in mind for the exterior, and I seriously can not wait for everything to be done. It’s going to be incredible.

I thought I would share a few inspiration photos specifically for the craft room that we have been going off of.

This vibe though…


We already have a window just like this done! I just have to frame it out. And maybe tweak it a little bit.

shed 2

This color is beautiful. And apparently you can actually buy this shed, so that’s pretty cool. I’m so glad ours came with the house…


My goal in life is to get my Dutch door looking as good as this.


I’m hoping to have mostly everything done by the time the hubby gets back from his trip. I highly doubt we will get the roof replaced, but I have to save him something to do, right?


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