Instant Lawn – ORC Week 4

Week 4 is here! It’s really fun to see how everyone’s projects are coming along, and I definitely advise you all to go take a look.


As for our project, I don’t even know what to say. Like, part of me just want this to be reveal week, even though I know there is still so much to do that will make our yard even better.

The hubby and I took a trip down memory lane last weekend and found some photos of our yard through the years. I thought this would be a great time to share.

The day we moved in…
…Probably about 2 years later…
…Around August, 2017

And here we are at week 4.


Okay, let me back up. If you follow my Instagram, you know how exciting Friday was for me. The nursery (Green Acres, if you’re curious), dropped off the lawn super early on Friday. They had called the day before to tell me they would be at my house at 7:00, but they were there by 6:00. Luckily the hubby was awake, so he was able to clear the driveway off for them.


We opted to pay Green Acres to roll out the lawn for us and to get everything settled. They actually contract out that work, but we only had to pay Green Acres. I’m on board for anything to make our lives easier. The guys showed up about 12:30 and had everything rolled out within an hour. They also cut out around all of the sprinkler heads and drains, and then rolled over the lawn to make sure everything was set.


Right after it was set, they ran the sprinklers for a few minutes. They also gave me watering directions, which was super helpful since google is all over the place. Ten minutes, twice a day for the first week. Then every other day for the second week, and then normal watering schedule after that. We want to get the shallow roots settled in first, and then allow the lawn to start getting deeper roots.


Once they were gone, I was able to close up the yard and let the dogs roam free. We are supposed to avoid as much foot traffic as possible, so we are keeping them at my parents’ house for this week. But over the weekend they did walk on it a bit. No playing though. Much to Kona’s disappointment.



The lawn makes such a huge difference. The morning after it was rolled out, I woke up and thought something was wrong because our yard wasn’t a huge dirt pile. We have to give it a few weeks before we can run around on it, but even just seeing it makes the backyard so much more inviting. We barbecued outside Friday, Saturday, and Sunday just because of how nice it was out there. These next two weeks should really wrap everything up nicely!


7 thoughts on “Instant Lawn – ORC Week 4

  1. An hour? AN HOUR?! Okay, I may have to do this where a huge pile of dirt from an excavating project has sat in our yard all winter and killed all of our grass. Thank you, Andi! This post was super informative!! Your lawn has to be the envy of the neighborhood. Just beautiful.


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