Last of the Irrigation – ORC Week 3

Half. Way. There. Can you believe it?! In three more weeks, our backyard should basically be done. I say basically because I know there are some things we just won’t get to, but I really feel like it is going to be pretty close. That’s what I really love about the One Room Challenge. Even if you don’t completely finish your room (or yard…or multiple spaces for some people!), you get a lot further along.


This week has been relatively uneventful. Last weekend we were able to go up to the lake to get it ready for summer, and I am so excited for this year! The lake is as full as I’ve ever seen it, so hopefully it stays that way for a long time.

But being up at the lake meant that we really couldn’t do too much at the house. Which is why we planned for our lawn to get installed this Friday (!) instead of earlier in the week. So those photos will be up next week. I am so excited, you guys!

To finalize the prep work, the hubby rotertilled the lawn last Friday. It was pretty good before, but rotertilling really helps level everything out. I raked around a lot of the area to spread everything evenly, but we realized we really needed like one of those huge rakes that they use to prep baseball diamonds.

Luckily my dad has one similar. He came over Saturday (while we were at the lake) and finished off the grading. Apparently he used the big rake, but then also used a pallet attached to a rope and dragged it along the entire area. Genius! The space was perfectly even, which meant it was just about ready.


Next up was installing all of the sprinkler heads. Which meant that I had to find all of them. I found the sprinklers along the edges pretty easily, but I definitely had to do some searching for the ones in the middle of the lawn. I felt pretty guilty about messing up the perfectly graded dirt, but it had to be done.

I attached irrigation tubing the end of each line and ran it to the exact location for the sprinkler heads. Its pretty pliable, but not as bendy as you might think. I definitely had to work it a little bit to get it to the right spots.




Once those were all attached, and after I glued a cap onto the end of the spigot line, we turned on the water. I was legitimately worried that everything was just going to explode. But we had to turn it on in order to flush out all of the water lines. We tried to keep most of the dirt out of the lines as we were installing them, but by flushing them out we were able to ensure that mud wouldn’t clog up the sprinkler heads.

After everything was flushed (and no explosions occurred), we attached all of the sprinkler heads. Hallelujah! We made it so that the sprinkler heads were just above the ground line. I swear, if Loki destroys them, there will be tears.



The very last step was to adjust all of the sprinkler heads. By the end of it, I was completely drenched.





Now, we are 100 percent ready for the lawn! I know the reveal isn’t for a few more weeks, but I feel like next week will be pretty grand. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Last of the Irrigation – ORC Week 3

  1. Andi,
    I can practically taste the ice-cold lime margarita on the rocks, sitting under that gorgeous pergola and staring out into the awesome vision you have for this space. You are completely right-even if we don’t finish everything we set out to do, we still made progress and progress is what counts!!! So excited to see more! High five girl.

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