Irrigation for Days – ORC Week 2

Warning. The photos don’t really look like much, but I promise we got a lot done! Drum roll please….the irrigation is done! 


This was a huge step in our whole backyard process, and I have to admit, it was a lot more work than I thought it was going to be. I should have listened to John and Sherry when they said DIY irrigation is tough work. But I think overall the cost savings made it worth it. And the actual irrigation work only took 5 whole days. I’m going to add irrigation in to our to-do list just so I have something to cross off…

  • Install irrigation
  • Lay sod
  • Spruce up the bar
  • Seal our copious amounts of concrete patios
  • Plant some plants

You might remember that we had gotten the beginning portion of the irrigation done last week. That part was so simple compared to the rest. And it’s not like it was really difficult, it was just a lot of back-breaking work.

Last Thursday, I took the day off work and my dad was able to take a half-day. We were able to rent a hydraulic trencher from Home Depot for the afternoon, and trenched out everything for the irrigation lines. Luckily, the ground was still pretty damp from the rain a while ago, so the trenching went pretty fast. I know from experience that if you try and trench in bone dry dirt, it is near impossible. We were able to trench about 150 feet in 2 hours. That was a major relief, believe me. It also probably helped that we already had everything mapped out. I had spray painted lines on the ground to show where to trench.





Two lines feed into the lawn, and two feed to all of the flowers surrounding the yard. The two lines for the lawn are broken up by sun and shade. That way, if the shaded area of the lawn doesn’t need to be watered as much, we can lessen the watering time. The flower area along the left of the yard is part pop-up sprinkler, part drip line. I wanted to try and do as many pop-ups as possible to help keep Loki away. Not sure how well it will work. But I need drip lines also for new trees that we might put in. The flower boxes and the right side of the yard will all be drip line. Maybe roses. Those have thorns so maybe the dogs won’t try and go in them.


Anyways, after I returned the trencher, we got to work connecting all of the irrigation lines. We have 4 zones that lead to our backyard, plus a line for a spigot, so that meant that 5 PVC pipes had to fit in one trenched line at the beginning. If you are going to do this yourself, plan on making your trench deeper if you have more than 2 lines. We are just going to have to be careful with any digging we do in that beginning area.



Actually connecting all of the lines is pretty simple. Messy, but simple. We just connected the lines using PVC cement, and any necessary connectors. And since we bought the 20-foot long PVC lines, we didn’t have too many connections. Just a bunch of lines branching off. So our hands were covered in PVC cement and mud. Super fun to peel off. And I’m not even being sarcastic. We started all of the lines with 1-inch PVC, and then transitioned to 3/4-inch PVC whenever we branched off the initial line. Whenever there was a spot for a sprinkler head, we put a T in the line, and prepped it. We waited to actually put in the sprinkler heads until we could rotertill the whole yard.


Unfortunately, I was so excited to be done with all the PVC pipes that we covered most of them up before I even thought about taking any photos. So now it just looks that same as it did before we added everything in. But what matters is, it’s done!


We also added in two new drain lines. The back edge of our yard is the only spot that gets flooded now. it used to be the whole back corner, so it’s definitely improved. We were able to tie in to the existing drain line, so we didn’t have to find an outlet for it. Thank goodness. The second new one is just right along the lower patio between the tree and the upper patio. I just cut part of the existing line and added a drain cap. That one was so simple! Whew!


Oh! And! We ordered the lawn!! It will be here next Friday, so this upcoming week we just have to rotertill and get the lawn perfectly compacted and smooth. I can’t wait!

Be sure to check out what everyone else is working on! I’m following a ton of people this time around!

12 thoughts on “Irrigation for Days – ORC Week 2

  1. Wow! You have been busy! And reminded me to be thankful for the irrigation we didn’t have to put in 😉 My husband gets mad when I want to make a change that requires us to move a head, haha! Looking forward to seeing your lawn next week!

  2. So awesome, Andi! Way to go on finishing the irrigation project! Can’t wait to see how the yard looks when it’s done!

  3. Hi Andi!

    I am so excited to see what you do with this awesome space! Outdoor spaces are always among my favorite ORCs to follow!!! That irrigation system is gonna be AH-MAZING. I’ll be thinking of you and dreaming of the future as I drag the hose across our 10 acres=O


  4. That irrigation system looks like a lot of hard work!
    I followed your work last year, so I am looking forward to see all the improvements this year.
    And I love that your dog is always in the pics, so helpful!

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