Bar Base – Complete!

This might not look all that pretty by normal standards, but I think this is the prettiest cinder block structure ever! And, it only took three full days to build!

Se here’s a little rundown of what we have done. First, we laid out the entire first row of cinder blocks. We needed to make sure we had the right spots for each of the three corners of the bar. Good thing we checked, too, because we ended up shifting the bar out towards the house an extra foot. We (I) really want to make sure nothing feels too cramped. Pretty sure it is going to have more space than our kitchen, but that’s beside the point.


Once we had the first row figured out, the hubby drilled holes into the patio so that we could set in the rebar. It went a lot quicker than I thought it would, so that was a nice surprise. It was a major danger zone in our yard with all of the rebar sticking straight up in the air. But nobody has been impaled (yet)!


My dad and I set in the first blocks of the patio with some mortar – one at each corner. It was monumental! No turning back now! Once those had dried a bit, about 5 minutes, we strung a line around them so that we could make sure the connecting cinder blocks were all in a straight line and were level. After we had the first row done, we just repeated everything again for the second…and third and fourth. Like I said, it went super quick.

For the last row, we had to drill holes along the bottom edges of each cinder block. You might remember from my drawing that the counter inside the bar is going to be lower than the seating area along the outside. To support both counters, we are bending rebar out from the cinder blocks and through the countertop concrete. By chance (or maybe the inventors of cinder block knew this), each counter height is at the top of a row of the cinder blocks. So we don’t need to try and cut any cinder blocks in half or try to form up a wall of concrete. Thank the heavens! We strung the rebar through each drilled hole and placed the last row simultaneously. We weren’t able to get the rebar in place with the cinder blocks mortared in, so good thing we checked!



After the cinder blocks were all placed, we just stuck in the rest of the rebar and filled those spaces with concrete. We put rebar in each cinder block, so every other hole. It definitely cut down our amount of concrete.


Now we just have to find time to frame out our countertops and pour them. I feel like we are (shockingly) almost ready for our soft opening. Ha!


2 thoughts on “Bar Base – Complete!

  1. Hey Andi, Nice job on the base. I’m planning one dabbling in concrete and its nice to get more knowledge on the medium. Thinking a outdoor fireplace is in the future. Thanks for the inspiration.


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