Paint Colors and Other News

Thank goodness this season’s One Room Challenge was extended an extra week. Last week we practically did nothing. Except clear all of the leaves off the patio. And enjoy our fire pit. Typical fall activities. I gotta say, it was pretty relaxing. But that just means that this week is going to be super busy!

The only thing I got done for the ORC was picking up some paint swatches for the craft room. I really think that painting it will really give the patio area a completed feel. I want to go with a super light gray, but not so light that you can see every speck of dirt. Fine line there. I am thinking it will only take a couple of days to paint. One day to clean it and one day to paint. Hallelujah for small spaces!

Some of these might be a bit too light…


In other exciting news, Target officially released the Hearth and Hand Collection from Magnolia! Joanna Gaines’ style is finally within reach! I haven’t physically gone to Target yet (mostly for fear of spending all of my money on every item), but I have definitely scoured the website. And they are offering free shipping with no minimums. Danger. Majorly. I’ve got my eye on a few really cool pieces.

*This post contains affiliate links for convenience.


Song Notes; Frames; Mugs; Log Holder; Metal Bin; Cocoa Pot

Do I need any of this? No. Do I want all of it? Yes. I just need to find spots for everything first. It’s the only way I can restrain myself. Happy shopping!

Last but not least, we went and took a hike around Jack London State Park last weekend. It was perfect fall weather, and it felt like we had the place to ourselves. It’s amazing to me how most of the park seemed untouched by the fires in the surrounding areas. We mostly stayed around the historical areas of the park, but if you ever get a chance to go visit, I highly recommend seeing as much of the park as you can.





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