Patio Completion

The patio is complete! And I love it, and it is beautiful. And I really can’t believe it’s done. Especially considering how long it took to get ready for the big pour. These guys knocked it out in a week! This has definitely made me reconsider hiring out for other projects.


Yeah, I still can’t get over how great our patio turned out. We went with the Roman Slate stamp (by the way, I still can’t tell the difference between Roman Slate and Old Granite) and a brownish, greyish color, Dune. The color was mixed into the concrete, so it won’t ever chip off the surface or anything. We were told to hold off on sealing the concrete, so it will stay completely matte for a while. The first reason was that we apparently need to give the acid in the concrete enough time to rise to the surface. Once it has all surfaced, it is easy to wash away, as long as there isn’t a sealer on it. The second reason was that we need to wait for the temperature to stay consistently warm. I guess the quick changes in temperature (day to night) can cause the sealer to set weird. I’m just glad we could save a few bucks for the time being. What do you think?!

Brought in at least 3 of these trucks. I can’t even imagine trying to do this 1 cubic yard at a time.
This was taken about an hour after they started. Two pumps, 5 guys. Go team go!


So many acorns!
And so many leaves!

The concrete still hasn’t fully dried all the way through. We think that the darker areas were poured thicker, and they should lighten up so that the whole patio is one color. I don’t mind the two tone, though, to be honest.

I am feeling pretty good at this point since we have two more weeks in the One Room Challenge timeline. And now, let’s revisit the to-do list:

  • Plan out our yard layout
  • Demo and remove existing concrete
  • Install planter box irrigation
  • Pour patio concrete
  • Grade the lawn area of yard
  • Install new lawn irrigation
  • Install new drain
  • Lay lawn
  • Build planter boxes
  • Plant decorative plants
  • Paint craft room
  • Re-roof craft room
  • Decorate

Unfortunately mother nature decided it’s time to start getting cold, so it looks like we are going to have to wait until February to lay the sod. Whomp whomp. It’s going to be a super fun rainy season with the pups. That’s alright, a little mud never hurt anyone. Since we aren’t laying the sod, we figured we would also hold off on the irrigation. I can picture it now. We get the irrigation in, the mud makes it a fun time for Loki to dig, and he discovers it! As much as I would love for him to have a fun time, I really don’t want him ripping up brand new irrigation.

I do think I want to bust out the planter boxes though. And if I am really ambitious, I might try to paint the craft room. If I could finish those off, almost the entire right side of our backyard would be done! I will need to plant some flowers and finish the irrigation along the right fence line, but that is more of a spring project. So, I think my new goal is to finish the right side and have it all ready to enjoy. It would definitely be a huge accomplishment!

Be sure to check out how everyone else is coming along for the ORC! And just for fun, take a look at Kona. She loves hunting for her rope in the leaf pile. It’s my favorite too.

Begging me to throw it already.
I spot a tail!

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