Demo for Days

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go, *whistles.* That is seriously what I was singing all weekend. Except we weren’t mining for jewels, we were tearing down a covering and hauling broken concrete. It’s just as rewarding, right? The end result sure is exciting!

Before we really get into the weekly update, I just want to share how much it breaks my heart to see and hear about all of the devastation brought on by the Sonoma and Napa County fires this week. The hubby grew up in the area and I have come to call it my second home. Please send your prayers and good thoughts over for everyone who has been affected by these fires, and the fires in other areas in California, including all of the heroes working around the clock to keep people safe. 

So the demo is just about done. The big demo at least. We aren’t ripping out any lawn until we are really ready to replace it, and we don’t want to put in brand new, beautiful lawn before we get the patio poured. Like I said before, I’m not 100% sure we will finish the entire yard within the ORC 6 week timeline, but I really do think we can get close! Here is where we are currently:


The hubby really wanted to go big on the craft room cover demo. He wanted to loosen everything and then basically pull the whole cover forward and let it crash. It basically did that, except it didn’t exactly fall perfectly flat on the ground. I definitely shrieked a few times…

Before any demo…
They first thought they could just pull the covering off once they loosened the roof attachment
It was built way sturdier than we expected, but my dad was about to give the last post it’s final swing

Since it’s not anything too drastic (at least for photography’s sake), I thought I would share some of my inspiration for our backyard. Let me know what you think!

I love the casual, fun feeling of this yard. And the colors! vibe

This is like a whole retreat! I don’t know if we could get as many different levels and layers, but I definitely like the vibe.layers

Love this! And a lot of it might actually be doable in our yard! I’m really excited to hang a swing on our tree.swing

Hopefully we get going on our irrigation and continue getting ready for our patio to be constructed. I keep telling the pups they are going to love their new yard. I don’t think they believe me yet, though. No idea why. Be sure to check out the rest of the projects going on for the One Room Challenge!

6 thoughts on “Demo for Days

    1. So far it’s been fun! If I could wave a magic wand and get rid of the rest of the concrete that easily, we would be off to the races. I am happy to provide some inspiration! I will keep an eye out next spring for you!


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