Patio – Stage 2

Oh. My. Gosh. There was so much rock to move into the patio area. But first, I hope everyone had a great Father’s day weekend! I got to take my parents out on the Sea-Doo for their first time. We had the perfect weather for it, and they loved it! Last week we had wrapped up the perimeter of the patio and gotten the fire pit all set up, which you can read all about here. Now we have the patio space all filled up with our aggregate base, so now we are all ready for the concrete pad! I love when I get to cross items off our to-do list.

  • Replace the sliding door and window
  • Add a metal water sealer around the edges of the house where the patio will meet it
  • Patch up any stucco
  • Paint the house (definitely hired out for that one)
  • Run a gas line from the main line to the future fire pit
  • Clear out the existing patio concrete around the edges
  • Form up the perimeter of the patio and the fire pit edges
  • Create the perimeter walls
  • Create the foundation for each pergola column
  • Fill in the patio with aggregate base (geez, I heard the engineer come out of me in that phrase)
  • Pour the concrete slab
  • Lay the stone
  • Build the pergola
  • Decorate (!)

As far as the foundations for the pergola columns, we have a space for them, but we will fill them in with concrete and the metal post holds at the same time that we pour the slab. So I feel like I can’t truly cross that one off the list yet.

I originally calculated that we needed 5 cubic yards of rock to fill in the space. We went with a local rock supplier, Hasties, and they dropped all of the rock off Monday. I asked the delivery guy if he could catapult the rock over the house and into the patio area, but for some reason he just couldn’t do it. Such a shame. We were all motivated and got to work that night. The hubby set up a cylinder where one of the pergola columns will go, and we set up a ramp to get the wheelbarrow over the perimeter wall. The NBA finals were on that night, so we only got a few wheelbarrow loads in. We did realize, however, that it was going to take forever to finish.


Tuesday I learned how pathetic I am at this whole thing. Ha! Before the hubby got home I think I got about 6 loads in and decided I was too hot and my loads were too small to even make a dent. So the pups and I played in their pool instead. Way more fun. Once the hubby got home, he was able to fill up about a quarter of the patio space before calling it a night. It was starting to look like something!



Wednesday rolled around and I was able to get my parents and one of my cousins to come help us out. Even my mom was bringing in a few loads! It was a major team effort, but we were able to get the rest of the rock into the patio area within about 2 hours. It felt like such an accomplishment! Except that we realized we were super short on the rock amount. The patio space wasn’t filled all the way, and we were about 3 inches short on everything that was placed. So I ordered another 4 cubic yards and had it delivered Friday afternoon.



Bright and early Saturday, while it wasn’t blazing hot yet, the hubby, my dad, and I moved the rest of the rock. My job was to spread around the piles that the hubby and my dad brought in and to get it mostly level. After about 2 hours, we were done moving rock! The hubby and my dad got ambitious and started framing out the space for the concrete. The rest of this week the hubby and I have to get the rest done so we can start pour concrete Saturday morning. Luckily, we already have help all lined up! I think I am going to invest in one of those huge massage chairs for days like these. I know I am sore, so I know everyone else must be too. If you ever decide to fill a space with rock, here is my advice: find a way to fit the delivery truck right to the spot. That would have been so nice!



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