Adirondack Chair Revamp

We all made it back in one piece from our vacation to Peru! This country is like a whole new world compared to home. I think the best way I can describe it is that it is a luscious, green, mountain land with some of the nicest people and some pretty delicious food. Before I really get going on today’s post, I am excited to show you guys some of our photos from the trip. If you ever get the chance to visit Peru, go!


First and foremost, Machu Picchu. One of the New 7 Wonders of the World. See that peak way up in the sky? We hiked it. No big deal.


This was coming down from the top of the mountain. These are the Stairs of Death. It’s not an optical illusion – there really is just a shear drop down a couple of thousand feet. The Machu Picchu city is way down in the top right of the photo, just to give a bit of perspective.


One of my new best friends! Everyone has an alpaca. They are people’s pets!


We had to go over the mountains to get to the Colca Canyon. This was at elevation 4,910 meters. About 16,000 feet! Good thing we had our coca candies to help with the altitude.


Overlooking Chivay on the way to the Colca Canyon. And you bet we are rocking our alpaca attire!

And now on to the latest DIY project! For this project I had the great opportunity to participate in a thrift store challenge hosted by Morgan at Charleston Crafted. Fifteen bucks to spend on a project to get ready for summer! Since I already had everything for this project, the total cost was a whole $0. And I am sure if you ever come across any sort of chair in this bad of shape, you would get it for free. I mean, it was definitely on its last leg. And be sure to check out the rest of the participants here!

The hubby had made an adirondack chair when he was younger, and apparently it was super comfortable and amazing. It got second place at the fair, so it must’ve been good! His parents held on to it for all of these years and gave it to us to revive back into its glory days. But in true fashion, I didn’t get around to it and it has been sitting in our yard for a couple of years now and has gotten quite the beating. But with the idea of getting our back patio done in my head, I have been majorly motivated to finally bring it back to life. It probably helps that my parents gave us a couple, too. And we have our cheap (but incredibly comfortable and bright) adirondack chairs from Lowes. So, including the old-made-new one, we have 5 adirondack chairs! Now nobody has to fight over the comfy seats! And they are all ready to go once our patio is done! By the way, I couldn’t help but remember that when we first started fixing up the interior of our house, I decided to make a couple of bar stools instead of working on the more pressing projects. Seems fitting that I did the same with the backyard…

Here is a look at what I was working with…

Kona was a big help…


Makes me cry a little. Somewhat because of the physical state of it, but mostly because we let it get to this point.

First thing I did was sand whatever was left of the chair. Thank goodness for electrical sanders. I probably would have given up if I had to sand it all by hand! I also removed any wood that was beyond repair. Didn’t look like much at this point. But the frame was (mostly) still there, so it really wasn’t too bad.


Then I scavenged around my craft room to see if I had enough wood to fill in the missing pieces. I always knew there was a reason for keeping every piece of scrap wood ever! They just needed some cutting and sanding, so nothing too time consuming. I ended up using scrap pieces of fencing, so I am also hoping that the new wood holds up to the weather. It should, right? Attaching all of the pieces was pretty straightforward, and pretty soon I had a new chair!


Last up was the paint color. I wanted to use a color I already had, so I decided to try out yellow. It wasn’t bright and cheery enough for me though. The sunlight kind of seemed to dampen it. Plus, the hubby mentioned it wouldn’t really go with the rest of our chairs (turquoise and gray). So we chose one of our house color rejects. The color is super pretty, and a mix between gray and blue. Turned out great!


And now I am ready for our patio to be finished so we can get all of our chairs set up and just relax! I am so ready for summer!





11 thoughts on “Adirondack Chair Revamp

  1. Amazing! Most people would have overlooked that, but you did a great job! I am with you on keeping scrap wood – my husband laughs at me, but you just never know what you can use it for!

  2. What a great job you did! And how sweet that your husband’s parents saved his chair all this time. Definitely have to keep that in the family now! Happy summer!


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