Beach House – Inspiration

Now that the One Room Challenge is over, I can go back to my normal routine of house dreaming and stalking. My dream is to get a vacation home somewhere. I switch between the beach and the mountains on a regular basis, but lately I have definitely been leaning towards the beach. Could be the warmer weather and my need for some salt water.

So I thought it would be fun to share a part of my beach house dreams. Oh! And if you are wondering, here is the link for the featured image. The coziness of it makes me swoon. Anyways, of course, if we ever get a beach house, it would be more like within 15 minutes from the beach. But I can dream, right? I would definitely pull in a beach vibe into all of the design. Totally not the style in our home, but I would go all out if I had the chance.

You can literally see the ocean through this house…

A big part of having a beach house is bringing the outside in. Minus the sand if I can help it. I would want huge windows surrounding the living area so that you can barely even tell where the interior ends. And I would keep the walls nice and bright and bring in pops of yellows and blues to mimic the beach. It would feel so airy and fun and happy!

Love, love, love this sun room. I know we tore ours out, but how amazing does this one make you feel?! By the way, I recently learned that another name for a sun room is a Florida room. Who knew?

And if this doesn’t scream happiness, I don’t know what does. I kind of toyed with the idea of covering our eventual pergola with glass so that the pups could stay dry when it rains but all of the sun would still come through. We will see.

This room from the Douglas Elliman’s Florida Real Estate company is bright and airy perfection! With great natural wood accents too!

And this one is totally bringing the beach vibe without going crazy overboard.

There are literally hundreds (maybe thousands?) of gorgeous homes on the Douglas Elliman website. From all over the states too! Definitely a great inspiration place.


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