Home Stretch – ORC Week 5

It’s week 5! In a week from today, the front of our house should be all wrapped up! It feels great to be so close, and I gotta say, I love our house even more already.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. I can’t believe how many great projects there are this round for the One Room Challenge! And I love week 5 because there is a split between people who are super close to having everything finished and people who are frantically trying to put the last pieces together. Have fun looking around!

Last week I told you guys about the shutters. Holy cow, they are perfect. This week I was able to finish the planter boxes and get those up and beautified. I ended up going with a pretty simple design and I think they compliment the shutters nicely. I basically made a long box using fence posts and added some trim to line the edges. I did end up using L-brackets on the inside corners, but decided against putting them on the outside. I really wanted a clean, crisp look. And adding the trim ended up being super easy. I just stripped a couple of fence posts to get the width I wanted and used a nail gun to attach them. I really love when everything comes together smoothly.


After assembling the planter boxes, I attached them to the house. I used L-brackets so that they would be fully supported but would look like they are floating. It’s probably just me, but I have never had much luck with true floating shelves. A planter full of soil and plants would only be worse…

Then came the planting! I lined the planter boxes with plastic to protect the wood from any moisture. I was going to try and buy a special type of liner, but after looking around online I read that garbage bags work just as well! I just had to make sure that my soil didn’t get between the plastic and the wood, but it turned out to be pretty simple. I filled the planters with some good gardening soil (made special for succulents and cacti) and decided to plant succulents in my planter boxes. I don’t have a drip line set up for them, and I can’t really think of a pretty way to get a line there. And succulents barely need any watering, so it’s a win-win!



I also planted a ton of flowers in the front area under the planter boxes. I had bought a bunch of flowers a few weeks ago, but those have had a rough life already. I think a couple of them will make it, but it wasn’t looking too promising for most. I got a bit behind schedule waiting for the painters, so I had to wait to plant them. Whoops. Next time I will be patient. Or I will try to be patient.


Anyways, I chose mostly perennials and just a couple of annuals that I know reseed and come back year after year. I want this area to eventually be like a mini wildflower field with just a touch of landscaping. Hopefully everything grows how I imagine it in my head!


Don’t you love the plow?! It was my grandpa’s from way back when and I was able to bring it home with me a couple weeks ago. And I think I will love it in the garden area even more once the flowers really take off.

Next week is the big-picture reveal, so stay tuned!

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