Prep Work – ORC Week 2

Prep work is always the funnest part of projects, right? Can I be honest? It’s not my favorite. I really like to see the finished product, not the well-I-put-in-a-ton-of-work-and-can-barely-see-progress product. But that’s okay. In my heart, I know it will all get better and easier from here!

As you may know, this is the Week 2 update of the One Room Challenge. There are so many great projects going on! I am loving what I am seeing, and can’t wait to see how everyone’s makeovers turn out. Be sure to check some out! There were 259 guest participants during Week 1, so that’s 259 projects to stalk check out! Pure heaven.

Be sure to check out the Inspiration post if you missed it last week. Like I said, this week was a lot of prep work. A little over a year ago we had taken out about 7 Juniper bushes (which you can read all about here). This was a little reminiscent of that. Except we only had three stumps to take out this time around. And also the hubby and my dad did the hard labor. Basically, it was a breeze. I think I might have mentioned that my dad likes to chop down trees, so this was right up his alley. Gotta keep him busy!

This area was also our dumping ground for extra concrete during the driveway makeover. I was going to just dump it in the trashcan, but then we realized we should just use it in our back patio. By the way, I am so excited to get going on that. But that is for another day. Anyways, with the stumps and the concrete gone, and Round-Up added to all the little weeds I missed, this little front area is all cleared out and ready for the next step.

I love our horse tie-up/address sign. I’m trying to decide if I should paint it at all or leave it black with all of the imperfections. We shall see!

My grand plan is to plant some low-lying flowers in this area. Since I am lacking a green thumb (my thumb is maybe like puke-y vomit color? Like our house? Better than black I suppose), I knew I needed to install a drip line. I got it all set up so that once the painters are done with the house I can just attach the hose line. I’m pretty sure I am becoming a pro at these things. They really are a piece-of-cake, and they basically take care of all my flowers for me.

I also cleared out the pathway to the side yard. All of this rain is making everything nice and green, it was a little hard to even pull the weeds out! I wanted to get it as cleared out as possible so that way everything is ready for the gravel. I’m still not 100% sure about the final gravel design. I’m hoping it comes to me in a dream or something. Right now I am thinking I will line the edges with brick, but not brick that is mortared in or anything. That way it will kind of tie in to the driveway. And it will keep the gravel in place. Maybe all of the flowers will grow super fast and will kind of spill over the brick? How cool would that be?!


I surprised myself and even got around to adding a new thin layer of mulch around the roses! They are doing so well this year already so I had to give them some love.



On another note, we got to visit the lake for the first time this year! And it’s full! The dogs, of course, loved it. It is definitely one of their favorite places in the world, even when it is freezing cold. There was even snow on the way up! We have been saying we need to get up to the snow this year before it all melts. We didn’t get out since it is all a narrow dirt road, but it was super exciting to see and drive through. And so pretty!





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