3 Years!

I can’t believe I am saying this, but a whole three years ago I decided to start a blog and write my first post. I remember not really knowing what I wanted my little blog to be like. Should it be more like a tutorial for my projects? Or more design? Or just me rambling about life during a remodel? I think I have finally gotten it down to a mixture of the three, and I love how far it has come.

I thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane. From the very beginning. Looking back, I can’t believe the state that my house was in, to be honest! Also, it is amazing to me how bad some of the photo quality is. You live and you learn, right?

*Click on each photo to be taken to the original post.


My very first post. Look at those cute little poopers! Remember when they were tiny and I could just scoop them up into my lap? Now they are all grown up (but puppies at heart). Well, great. Now I want another puppy.


The first project I published! And I think my first house project. I couldn’t wait for the necessities to be done… These barstools are holding up great!


I tried to do a full-on tutorial for my bakers rack. I think it turned out alright, but man-oh-man it took a lot of thinking!


These barn doors are still one of the biggest feature points in our house. Everyone loves them. And we love telling everyone that they are made from super old barn wood. I don’t think I could ever get rid of them. This photo is making me think I need to take some updated photos around our house, though.


This is one of the biggest transformations in our house. That shag green carpet and wood paneling definitely needed to go!


Our first bathroom makeover. Thank goodness we started with the guest bathroom. It was only a partial gut job. Also, my photography skills are finally starting to improve. The good lighting in the bathroom was a big help.


I am thinking we need to take the pups on another spring time adventure. Maybe if there isn’t a ton of water around they won’t be going crazy.


I am still in love with our driveway. It’ll motivate me as I am touching up the front yard this spring during the One Room Challenge. Also, my roses are looking marvelous this year! I am so excited about how healthy they are, and how many buds there are already.


Our master bathroom. I’m not going to lie, our bathroom still feels like a mini spa retreat. Almost a year later, I wouldn’t change a thing.


My craft room is my happy place. I still need to spruce up the exterior, and redo the roof, but I love how the interior turned out. And everything stays organized for the most part!


Last fall’s One Room Challenge! This is the best event I have ever found. It’s so motivating and so exciting to see everyone’s different projects. This time around is going to be great!


One of the most recent projects: my cousins nursery! Love, love, love how this room turned out. I hope her little one will love it just as much!

Of course, there are a ton of other projects we have conquered over the years. I love seeing progress, especially when it’s progress on something you have put your heart and soul into. I love sharing all of this with you, and hope you enjoyed this little round-up!


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