House Color

It’s time to choose a house color! We have been looking at house colors since about the day we moved in. The green on our house just doesn’t make us happy. There’s just nothing special about it. So now that we are actually ready to get it painted (see that post here), we get the lovely task of actually making a decision on the color. 

This is what our house looks like now.



See, nothing exciting. Well, that’s no true. I love my roses and my split rail fence. And the driveway. And the windows. So by nothing exciting I really mean that the color isn’t exciting. Anyways, let’s get on to checking out some options!

The first house color I thought I wanted was white. The perfect farmhouse exterior. It was going to be lovely. But the hubby pointed out that white takes a lot of effort to maintain and it won’t look nice and crisp for very long. We aren’t really the type of people to power wash our house on a regular basis. If I’m being honest, we have never cleaned the exterior. So while I loved, and will always love, a white farmhouse, it just won’t be for us.

But seriously, how stinkin’ cute is this house?!

We both think a gray house would look really cool. Especially with all of the brick we have. Plus, it would be easy to add pops of color wherever. Maybe the front door? Definitely the front door. We can’t really decide if we would like a light gray or a dark gray better, so I’m sure we will put up a couple of samples of each and see how they look. I’m a little worried that since our roof is so dark, the dark gray would make our house look like a black hole. But maybe not?

Love, love, love how this looks with the brick!
And I and drooling over the wooden garage door here. I really want wood accents.

And always save the best for last, right? We are both loving the idea of a blue house. Not pale blue or anything. Like a rich, darker blue. I came across this house while I was perusing Young House Love (ah-mazing) and I instantly fell in love. I am pretty sure we will end up with a blue house, and I really hope we are able to find the right shade. I know computers can trick the eye, but we will definitely be trying the exact shade of blue they used on their show house. And then probably about 10 others.

Isn’t it perfect?!

We are planning to get the house professionally painted. I’m not so scared of the actual painting process, I am more dreading all of the prep work. Totally worth it letting someone else handle all of that. I can not wait to show you guys how it turns out!

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