Windows (and more!)

We finally got a huge checkmark done for our house. Like, I can’t even believe it is done. All of the windows have been replaced! Well, except for the kitchen window that is surrounded by brick, but we can just pretend it isn’t there. Not only is it super nice to have all new windows in our home, but it also opened up a ton of new projects we can get started with. I couldn’t even start all the new projects if I wanted to, that’s how important they are. In case you’re wondering what could possibly be left on our house projects (a lot could be left…a whole lot), here is our current list:

  • Interior
    • Frame all of the windows
    • Replace all of the interior doors
    • Install a whole house fan
  • Exterior
    • Get rid of the sliding door in our bedroom
    • Patch any stucco
    • Paint the house
    • Add shutters to the windows
    • Add planter boxes to the windows
    • Landscape the left-front of our house
    • Raise the back patio
    • Install a pergola
    • Create a lower back patio
    • Fix up the lawn
    • Make an (awesome) bar
    • Get a small garden going
    • Paint the exterior of the craft room
    • Have everyone over for a summer bbq and finally really enjoy our yard

Last winter we thought, “this is the year.” Ha! So maybe this year we will actually make some decent progress. We are well on our way at least! But you can see what is really dependent on the windows. Basically everything except the interior doors and the whole house fan. I am not about to make shutters and planter boxes just to take them down to paint the house. So I have been super patient. Well, as patient as I can be.

Kitchen window is framed!

We ended up with a  mix of new construction and retrofit windows. When we started replacing the windows a while ago, we went with retrofit. The hubby didn’t like how much extra space the frames took, so when we got to the front of the house we switched it up to new construction. Luckily, the face of our house is all wood siding. We know how to work with wood. Stucco terrifies me. I have to admit, the new construction windows look super nice. There aren’t any big fins all the way around or anything. They are just really crisp and clean.


We also ended up putting a new construction window along the side of our house. We did have to cut into the stucco when we installed the French doors a few years ago, but it is still relatively new territory. Lucky for us it went way quicker than we thought it was going to! The hubby got an awesome tool that unevenly chips away at the stucco but leaves the wire mesh in tact. I learned (from Google) that you need to keep the stucco uneven so that when you patch it everything blends together. Also, if you have a perfect seam, you can bet that if it cracks, it will crack along the seam. I learned so much on this project! And, as a little pat on the back/I did a fun little dance in my head moment, the stucco guy told me we did a great job at removing the stucco and it would be easy for him to patch. Yay!


We ended up choosing retrofit for the window in our bedroom. Although we really loved how the new construction windows turned out, we wanted to make sure we had a consistent look at the back of the house, where we had already installed three retrofit windows. This window replaced the sliding doors that were in our room before. I’m sure some people love the idea of having backyard access from their room, but not us. The sliding doors made us lose a wall in the room, and I don’t need a bunch of people staring into my bedroom while they are over on the patio. My room isn’t magazine-worthy enough. Now, with the high window, we still get light into our room, people can’t really see in, and we have two full walls. No negatives the way I see it!

Can you even tell which one came first? I mean, besides the missing stucco I guess…

Once the windows were done, the hubby was able to install a metal water sealer around the base of the future patio. We don’t want to have the patio completely up against our house in case there is any expansion or movement in the concrete. To prevent water from seeping down the side, in-between the patio and the house, the hubby chipped out all of the stucco below the patio level. Then, he put a metal strip all the way around the exposed  foundation. There is a little pop-out along the strip that will act as the sealer between the walls and the patio. The rest will come once we get the patio raised.

The hubby was just starting to chip away at the stucco.
Woah, is our house floating!? Ha, no, it’s just extra naked.
We wanted to envision the patio with string lights. Oh. my. gosh. Love it!
Our big helpers of the day. At least they got us to take breaks every once in a while. Also, if I were a dog, I would be Loki. Not a care in the world.

With all of this done, we could finally get a stucco guy over to come seal up our house. It’s one of those things that I’m sure we could do ourselves, but a pro can get it done in a couple hours and we don’t have to deal with any issues. Happy day! The did a really great job and were able to blend in the new with the existing stucco. I was especially impressed with how they were able to tie in to the retrofit windows. It’s like magic!




And that’s our big update! Soon we will be choosing a paint color for our house. Of course, I already know what I want, but we will have to see what our options look like with nice big splotches. I will, of course, keep you posted!

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