Big news! My cousin’s nursery is complete! And super adorable, if I do say so myself. You might remember the Disney prints and the mural that went up, but filling the room with the furniture and all of the baby toys, blankets, and books is really what completed the room. Can’t wait to meet the little baby!


The prints fit perfectly over the crib. My uncle is going to be excited that his favorite character (good ol’ Goofy) is front and center. Pretty sure he will never let me forget it. But, I mean, Goofy is pretty awesome.


This kid is going to have so many blankets! I think I counted like 5 that were given at the baby shower. You can’t have too many though. And all of the Disney toys are super soft and huggable! Dumbo and Monsters Inc are definitely the most popular.


The changing table fit perfectly under the mural. Phew! And how cute is that painting on the changing table?! One of my cousin’s friends painted that for her.


Like the bookshelves? My dad was nice enough to make them and then I just slapped some paint on them. There were originally five, but I decided I only needed four of them as I was spacing them up the wall. I didn’t want the books to be too cramped in them.

Speaking of books, how great are they! My cousin requested that instead of cards for her baby shower people bring a book. Worked out great! There are some real winners up there. I mean, my Wocket in your Pocket book is obviously the best, but the Giants ABC book is one of my favorites. And the Java Script for Babies book. This kid is clearly going to be a genius.


I am really happy with how the shelves turned out. I was a little worried about how far they stuck out, but the depth of books they can hold is perfect. I hope this little baby likes story time!



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