Disney Wall

I’ve had a big project underway lately! You might remember the Disney prints I put together a while ago. Well, this is a huge part of the overall room. My cousin loves Disney. Who doesn’t? So for one of the walls I am painting a Disney mural! I decided to keep it nice and simple so that it would still be easy to decorate around. But big enough to make a statement, of course.

The nursery is pretty small and cozy, which is perfect for a little baby. I feel like it’s easier to make the room feel warmer and more precious than if it was huge. But since it is small, I have to be smart about how I arrange things in here. The only piece that is set in stone is the crib since my cousin wants it on an interior wall, which is only one wall in the room. But even that isn’t very limiting. The mural is going on the opposite wall, which might have the changing table/dresser on it, or it might have toy storage. I’m not 100% sure yet. I think I am going to enlist the hubby’s help once my cousin gets all her furniture. Anyways, I wanted a way to keep the lower part of the wall somewhat blank so that I wouldn’t have a problem putting anything against it. I would be pretty sad if one of the characters got covered up! My first instinct was to install wainscoting along the entire room, but I got worried about making the room feel smaller. Then I considered painting a band around the room, or just the accent wall, to separate the top and bottom. But I was still a little hesitant. The hubby suggested painting the bottom half of the wall the same colors as the characters. That way it would still clearly be an accent wall and the rest of the walls wouldn’t need to be touched. Love it!

No Disney castle is complete without Tinkerbell

I was extra careful and was a perfectionist when I was drawing everything up on the wall. I even used a level. If it was my house, I probably would have eyeballed it, and then gotten frustrated when it wasn’t perfect. But I planned ahead for this one! The first piece I drew was the castle. Every Disney mural needs a castle, right?! My cousin had the awesome idea of using a silhouette of Walt and Mickey instead of the castle entrance, and what do you know, there are plenty of silhouettes to use! For the rest of the characters I just found good images and used photoshop to create silhouettes. For me, if I can see the colors and defining lines, it’s hard to just draw the outline. Plus, it was helpful to see how they would turn out in the end.


Once I had a mini version of the mural layout, I just free-handed them onto the wall. In pencil, of course. Not paint! My cousin gave me a list of her’s and her fiance’s favorite characters, so I tried to use as many of them as possible. Then I got to paint! I wanted a good contrast between the wall color and the characters, but definitely still gray. Nice and simple. With the wall done, the rest should go quick!


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