Closet Inspiration

It seems like forever since I have posted anything! I promise, I have been staying busy with a couple of bigger projects and I’m excited to share them with you soon. In the meantime I thought I would share my dream closet ideas. Granted, our home doesn’t really have the space for it, but a girl can dream, right? I’m so glad I could team up with Arhaus to bring you a closet/dressing room inspiration post!

First off, I have to say how awesome this place is! It’s like they reached in my head and pulled out all of my dream furnishings. It actually reminds me a lot of Restoration Hardware, another drool-worthy store. Anyways, back to my dream closet inspirations!

Maybe some people dream of having a small closet where everything is right in front of them. Not me though. I want my closet to be more like a dressing room where all of my clothes are organized around me and my shoes have a wall to themselves. Like I said, a total dream and not reality. Maybe someday? If the hubby asks, it could be worse. I could also want a wall for purses. But luckily for him I’m not a purse-type of gal.

I think my closet would sort of be a mix between these two.



The first image definitely has more of the feel I would want. There is plenty of color (love that ceiling!) and I really like the style of drawers and furnishings. Almost like French-chic? I know, I am normally much more rustic/farmhouse/traditional. But when I am going through all my clothes and my mansion of a closet I want to feel like I am in Paris. The second image has the space. And the dresser in the middle. I feel like a key with having a dresser in your closet is having enough space around it. If it felt too cramped I would rather do without, you know?


Dressing Room, Shoe Wall, Blue Doors, Jewelry Wall, Dresser, Bench

I also love this dressing room! I would definitely need more space for all of my shirts though. And dresses. And basically everything. I’m guessing this home has another secret closet area for all of their clothes.

And how incredible is that jewelry rack?! Out of everything on my dream list, I might actually make this. I love how low profile it is but is still able to hold so much. The mirror is super nifty too. Our bedroom is pretty small, so something like this could definitely work.

What do you think about those blue barn doors? My dream closet would have a grand sort of entrance. And to be honest, our current closet doors are blue, so I guess I know what I like? You know me, I love my color.

I would absolutely need a bench in my closet. Arhaus has a ton of options too if you want to check them out. Gotta have somewhere to put on all of my shoes! Speaking of shoes…

…that wall! Step one: own that many shoes. Step two: display all of them for the world to see. And I love heels. I can’t really wear them anymore because my feet start screaming as soon as I put them on, but I will always love them. And maybe if I had that many options I would start getting used to them!

For my dresser/closet island I would use two of these dressers back to back. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

What would your dream closet look like?



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