New Camera!

Everyone says the photos make the post. So true. That’s entirely what draws me in to all of the different blogs that I follow – I want photos! And I am so excited that (hopefully) now all of my photos will be stunning! The hubby got me a new camera for Christmas and I have been testing it out basically every day since. And I am so impressed!It’s a super fancy point and shoot camera that basically does everything – a Canon G9X for those of you in the market. Now, I love those big, huge DSLR cameras, but I would hate to lug it around everywhere. We won’t just be using this camera for all of our projects, after all. We are also super excited to use it on all of our trips, and even our everyday life. I always say I need to take more photos.

I thought I would share some awesome photos we took while we were in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago. I’ve only been there once before, and from what I can remember, we didn’t spend a whole lot of time in the French Quarter District. I was way too young for that scene! Can I just tell you guys how cool everything is there?! All of the homes and shops (and bars) are in super old buildings with awesome balconies. And everything is so colorful! Not just the houses either, but the music literally made me start dancing in the street. I think the hubby was slightly embarrassed, but I was having a grand time and that’s what’s important. So, without further ado, I present you with a few of the awesome photos we were able to capture! Oh, and p.s., no photoshop necessary 🙂

Our first impression of New Orleans!
The infamous Jackson Square all lit up
When you’re on a haunted house tour, you gotta make sure the photos show it
Same goes with the Voodoo tour! Although, Voodoo isn’t as terrifying as movies make it out to be
You guys, I tried oysters! And loved them!
Took the cable car to the end of the line
A huge park that we passed on our cable car ride! Pretty sure I would get lost in there
An art fair smack in the middle of the biggest jazz music street
Can’t wait to go back someday!


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