Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday season and are still enjoying all of the coziness that this cold weather brings. I am personally loving it when I am at home. Not so much running to my car after work, but there’s nothing quite like getting wrapped up in the warmest blanket I can find and drinking hot chocolate.

I am so excited to share this simple project with you. The hubby and I got our parents an ancestry test for Christmas and they loved it! We tricked them into spitting into a tube a few months ago. I think they all kind of knew what we were doing, but they all completely forgot about it by the time Christmas morning came around. We all loved seeing where we all come from and enjoyed the surprises.

My in-laws had a pretty good understanding of the different areas they came from, but it was fun seeing where they were most dominant. Since they are mostly from Europe, I found an old image of Europe online and made it black and white. I then shaded in the different regions they were from and saved the photo. I uploaded the photo to Prints on Wood. They were able to print the photo onto a piece of wood and get it back to me within about two weeks. Since they don’t use any white ink, the wood grain completely showed through for most of the map. I think it turned out really well!

I think I will be printing on more wood in the future!

My parents don’t really know much about where we come from. Since we are Mexican, we figured it would be Spain and Native American, and maybe a few other places, but that’s it. Apparently we are from everywhere! It was really cool seeing the differences between my mom and dad, too. To present them with their ancestry, first I printed out the entire summary and made a simple book for them. gives a ton of detail of all of the different places and cultures, which is fun to read about. The fun part was painting. I outlined the entire world using a black marker to keep the lines detailed. Then, I used paint to color in the different parts of the world where each of them are from. Yellow is my mom, blue is my dad, and green is where they overlap. To get a kind of artsy feel, I used different shades and painted in lines rather than painting everything completely. Once that was done, I thought the map still looked a bit empty. So, of course, I googled. I found a cool quote about travelling and changed it a tiny bit to tie into an ancestry theme. I love how it turned out and had a hard time not giving it to them as soon as I finished it!


No Aussie for us!


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