Disney Prints

Wow, it has been so relaxing at home. Since the One Room Challenge has ended, I have been able to come home after work and not do a single thing. Although, I can’t sit still for long. I have been busy working on Christmas gifts, but I can’t share those until after the holidays. I don’t want to spoil any surprises! But I can share one super adorable project with you…these Disney prints!

This one is probably my favorite. Pinocchio is just so cute!

One of my cousins is having a baby (!!!) in May, and she has asked me to help out with designing the nursery. I could not be any more excited for this! She and her fiance  want it to be Disney themed, so of course this is right up my alley. They haven’t decided if they want to find out if they are having a baby girl or boy, and are planning to keep the room gender neutral, so I have to keep that in mind. While they are taking care of some of the more important parts (like getting new floors installed), I really wanted to do something small for them.

Goofy is my uncle’s favorite character, so of course I had to include him

I used some of their favorite characters for these prints. I found all of these in Google searches. There are a ton! Once I found the prints I wanted to use, I touched them up a bit in photoshop. Some of them had yellow hues to them and some were more gray. I am by no means a photoshop wiz, but my hubby helped me out and I was able to brighten them up and tint them so that they were all cohesive. I then printed them on some matte photo paper, and had them ready for framing.

Bambi is one of my cousin’s favorites…

My mom and I went to Michaels and I picked up some simple frames. I chose white because I figured I could spray paint them once my cousin had her wall color picked out. Although, I really like how the white turned out, so I might just keep them. I also got black matting. My mom has an intense mat cutter, and since the prints were an odd size, I figured I would cut them all myself. Of course I got a couple other things when we were there. Michaels is like Target. You can’t go in and just get what you came for.

…and so is Thumper!

I used the backing on the frames to measure out the mat size. Then, I used an x-acto knife to cut the mats to the right size. They weren’t super clean cuts, but the frames hide all of the outer edges, so that was fine. I measured each print and made a stencil out of scrap mat material. I used that to mark up my mats for the inner cuts. Wow, the mat cutter works wonders! Everything is so crisp and clean! And fast! I was able to crank them out in no time. I put everything together, and just like that, the prints were done! Step one of the nursery is complete!

And everybody loves ol’ Pongo!

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