The Home Stretch (ORC Week 5)

Week 5! That means that we only have one more week to finish up our laundry area! We are so close, but definitely still have a few things left. Every time I go check out what others have been up to during the One Room Challenge I get a little push of inspiration to keep going with our project, which has definitely helped during the week. The pups have also helped…they love keeping an eye on us…at all times.

Eventually they laid down with their paws hanging over the door way

This past week has been crazy! We finally had a full weekend to dedicate towards the laundry area, and we used every minute of it. First things first, we have a new water heater! The hubby spent a day configuring an electrical outlet to the water heater area, and then completely uninstalling our old water heater and installing the new one. I think he gets excited whenever he needs to solder. And I am happy to report that nothing went up in flames! Also, the hubby thought ahead on how to prevent future water issues if our water heater ever leaks again. He put a metal pan under the water heater to catch any water. Now water won’t get into the garage, it would just run straight outside.

Our fancy new water heater!

While the hubby was installing the water heater, my dad an I were working on the drywall and insulation along the garage roof. We followed the roof line up until about the last foot or two of height. The hubby is leaving a path for air to flow out of the attic in the house, and since our vent is in the garage, we needed to have space along the garage roof peak. Because of this, we needed to cut out a few framing pieces to attach the insulation and drywall to. Nothing too tough though, so that was a relief. The insulation went up pretty easy, but getting the drywall cut perfectly was a little tricky. Luckily we got most of the drywall up before the rain started, so we were able to cut a lot of it outside of the garage. Our garage roof is going to be so insulated!

First sheet up!

While my dad was wrapping up the drywall, the hubby was able to get all of the electrical work set up to install some lighting. We are hoping that by including lights not only will we be able to see better but this space will feel so much more like it’s own, rather than being an extension of the garage. While he was doing that, he also set up new wiring for our garage door opener. As of now our garage door is barely misaligned, so it isn’t functioning perfectly. Once this project is all wrapped up we will probably call someone in to come fix it for us. But at least the opener will be ready to go!

And no sparks flew this time!

We were also able to get the plywood up on the rafter area. We had bought 4×8 sheets of strand board (the composite plywood sheets that I just now learned the name of) and figured we would be able to just lay them out since the rafter depth was 4 feet. Ha! No, it was 4 feet, 6 inches. This changed our game plan. We had to do a lot more cuts than anticipated, but luckily we didn’t need to go buy any more sheets. Being the smallest, I had the fun job of climbing up to the rafter area and screwing in all of the plywood to the supports. If we ever play hide and seek, I know exactly where I am going! Anyways, we overhung them by 1/2 an inch along the front so that we can butt up in the eventual drywall right to the edge of the plywood. It turned out well! The hubby and I are both very excited about our new storage area. Hopefully it will help out with the garage clutter!


I really can’t wait to fill this space…

On the flip side of the water heater, we knew we had to replace some of the drywall in the garage that had water damage. You would never see it, but it was definitely moldy. I used a drywall saw to cut out the bottom two feet and let it dry over night. I used some of the left over drywall to patch it up, and then finished off the rest of the shiplap! I followed Sarah’s advice on trimming out the wall corners of the shiplap, although I didn’t trim out around the edges. Since the beginning I made sure to extend the shiplap all the way to each edge to give it a clean, finished look without any framing. The shiplap is officially done! Huge check mark off our list.

The wood was luckily not rotted, just wet. No clue how that worked out, but once it dried it looked and felt normal
I absolutely LOVE how the framing turned out

While I finished the shiplap, the hubby finished putting up all of the drywall on the rafter area. It amazes me how well he can cut out the holes for lights or edges. I swear, I am always off by just enough to make a huge gap. Before he started with it, I thought we would definitely need help holding the drywall up and screwing it in. But the pieces were small enough for me to hold up while the hubby screwed it all in really quickly. Once all of the drywall was up, he installed the corner beads along the front edge. He decided to use metal beads instead of the type that is already taped in case we ever knock into it. Hopefully the metal will protect the edge from falling apart.


Once the rafter area was covered, it was ready for taping and mudding! My least favorite job…especially upside down. But it had to be done! We are pretty sure that once the entire garage has the drywall on the roof we are going to hire someone to mud it all for us. And possibly paint. Luckily this space is small enough and doesn’t have too many breaks in the drywall. It’s not a super tough job, it is just super dusty and involves a lot of waiting.

Took me a little longer than it would have taken the pros, but I think I did alright!

So while I waited for the mud to dry, I wrapped up all of the painting. I painted the garage door leading outside just to bring it back to life a bit. I need to figure out a nice way to cover the window, so we will see what I can come up with. I also finished up painting the garage wall around the door, since the hubby had made that his stopping spot a while ago. The wall paper was already taken off, thank goodness, so it went by super quick!

Paint makes a world of a difference.

Wow, looking at all of the photos it looks like I have a long way to go, but I promise, it will get done by next week! Stay tuned!

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