Painting Galore! (ORC Week 4)

What a week! The One Room Challenge has been incredible at keeping us on top of things. I know that without it we would be moving much slower, and probably really missing our laundry hookups by now. We have gotten quite a bit done, but there is definitely still a ways to go.

But first, I have to show you guys what the lake looks like! We went up for a camp work weekend, which basically turned into a let-the-dogs-roam-free weekend. They were quite happy.


The water is crazy low! We had to keep calling Loki back to us to keep him from crossing the entire lake area. He was very enticed by all the ducks…

Anywho, last week we had gotten most of the shiplap up (with the exception of our water heater area) and it was really great to see the laundry area start to take shape. Naturally, the next step was to paint the shiplap. I ended up choosing Swiss Cream by Behr. I brought home two samples, one with a hint of yellow and one with a hint of gray.


Once I painted swatches on the wall, the hubby asked, “And these are definitely different colors?” Yes, they were different. Even if they don’t look it. The Swiss Cream option had the creamy, yellow aspect to it, and I really wanted to keep this area warm. I knew that it would work perfectly in the space. It only took two coats to fully cover the shiplap. Since I decided to use a paint brush for the entire thing, I was very glad it didn’t require any more. I wanted to keep the imperfection of a paint brush and I like how the subtle paint strokes look. I also decided to not worry about getting paint between the boards. Again, I really like the imperfect look. I think it makes it feel that much more comfortable. Plus, less work for me.

As soon as I had painted everything, I hooked the washer and dryer back up. Hallelujah! I had a slight moment of panic when the water hoses seemed to start leaking, but luckily the hubby was able to tighten everything down. Apparently hand-cranking doesn’t quite do the trick.

Full working mode…
We also headed out to our local HD Supply to see what we could see. Of course, we came home with a couple of things. We picked up the upper cabinets in an unfinished oak so that I could paint them back home. As we were about to check out, we saw a complete laundry sink set-up and knew it would work perfectly. We did see other options that were all inclusive, but the sink material seemed pretty flimsy. This option had a sturdy sink and a pretty sweet faucet. The cabinet doesn’t perfectly fit my style (it’s a lot shinier than I would choose normally), but with the right elements around it, I think it will work nicely. Plus, this option was much cheaper than trying to piece everything together. The entire set-up was about $230, and bought separately we were looking at about $350. I will take that kind of deal any day!

Still nicely wrapped in the box. No reason to make more opportunities to scuff it up!
I then headed over to Home Depot for my cabinet paint. I had about 10 different charcoals in my hand and was trying to decide when I happened to check the oops paint section. And wouldn’t you know, a charcoal gray all ready to go! I scooped it up and grabbed a couple of small paint rollers and went on my merry way. I was able to use a paint brush for all of the crevices, and then used a roller for everything else. I knew I didn’t need to paint the top or back of the cabinets, so it was pretty easy to finish off. Now they will have a nice amount of time to dry before we hang them.


And the shelves are adjustable so my huge Tide box will fit
This next week will probably be the toughest, but I think we will get through it! We need to install the water heater, insulate the garage roof (above the laundry area at least), and wrap our overhang, rafter, storage area. I will probably need to bring in some reinforcements at some time, and I’m really just hoping we make it out alive!


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