Guest Room #2

Hello all! This September has been filled with so many celebrations and has completely flown by! We started our month with a trip to Mendocino for the first wedding of the year (for us, anyways). Since we were there we obviously had to stop at the glass beach. You can’t really tell its glass along the shoreline until you are standing on it, but it is super cool!


I had never been to Mendocino before, and I gotta say, it’s a really neat place. You can’t really beat an ocean breeze 🙂

We then had a second wedding out in the middle of nowhere. It was so gorgeous! We were right along the river and surrounded by farmland. The reception was in a barn that was completely done-up. The only photo I have of the set-up is from my phone, so don’t mind the quality. We were having too much fun to focus on taking perfect photos!


Recognize those windows?? They are from the same house where I got the windows for my two projects (here and here).  They didn’t only add a touch of personalization to the barn, but they also helped block some of the breeze!

Anyways, we finally had some free time this past weekend and I put it to good use! We had already put in the window for the second, larger guest bedroom, but we hadn’t framed it. Not only that, the bed frame was on it’s last days (one of the legs kept buckling whenever you sat on the edge of the bed so…) and the wall above the bed was looking empty and sad. And now, the room is finished and ready for occupancy!

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First and foremost was the large cracks in our drywall.


This crack extended from the corner of the window all the way until the corner of the room, and then down the edge for a ways. There was another crack from the opposite corner of the window that extended horizontally until the corner of the room. That just wouldn’t do. I scraped off all of the texture extending about 4 inches on either side of the crack. I then taped over the crack, re-mudded it, and then used a spray can texture over the new area. Good as new!


Next up was the window frame. You know the saying: measure twice, cut once? I swear I did that. And wrote down all of my numbers on a nice little diagram. But with my great skills, I still cut the window sill about 6 inches too short. How is that even possible?! After a bit of frustration, however, I was able to compose myself and finish off the window frame and sill within a day. The hubby says it’s my best one yet. I sure hope so!

Then came the window covering dilemma. After much consideration, and seeing how much I liked the curtains on the smaller guest bedroom, I decided on purely curtains. I went looking online and found about a zillion fabric options from I wanted a sheer, white fabric with a little detail interest. I chose a sheer, striped, white fabric that reminded me of something I would see in a really cozy, warm home. It definitely delivered! It is super soft and I basically just want to use it as a blanket. But I resisted and finished making my curtains with it. I then used a plain, linen fabric as a liner. I didn’t extend the liner all the way to the edges of the sheer curtain so that the liner wouldn’t peek out and take away from the flowy-ness of the striped fabric. I love how they turned out and I love the cozy vibe they give the room!

I knew I wanted a storage bed for this room. Currently, all of our snow gear is stuffed in the closet. Not organized at all. A storage bed would be a perfect solution. I thought about making my own storage bed, and was just about to buy all of the materials for it when I came across the perfect bed at Ikea. For super cheap! We didn’t need the slats since we have a box spring, so that helped us out on cost. It took maybe four hours to put together, which wasn’t too terrible. The satisfaction of getting it done in a night is so worth it! I need to choose either some handles or knobs for the drawers to give it a bit of character, but that’s it!

Last but not least, the blank wall. Lucky for me my Gable Lane Crates shipment came in! I had gotten a gallery wall crate and knew it would be perfect for this wall. I organized it a bit differently than the suggested layout, and i love how it covers the wall! It also goes perfectly with my mirror that I had gotten a long time ago. So perfect! And another room done!





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