Smaller Guest Room

Hallelujah! We have officially “finished” the smaller guest bedroom! I mean, I will of course add to it over time, and change things around whenever I feel like I want to, but it is done! For the last three years it has been our storage room. We have a twin bed in there, so when people come to visit they generally want to sleep in the other guest room. Totally understandable. We have had a few storage bins sitting in there filled with different things that we don’t want to get rid of, but don’t need them out every day (i.e. extra electronic cables, fancy serve-ware, snow clothes…). But I finally found places for everything, and now I get so happy peeking in there.

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As a major throwback, here is what the room looked like when we bought it. Check out that carpet! Wow it looks so tiny – like, how did a bed even fit in there? I always love looking back at these photos.


Then it became this gloriousness. And stayed like this for about two years, except imagine it with random boxes along the walls. A major improvement, but not very cozy or homey.


Then the real magic started happening. What officially kicked off this room revamp was my chair purchase. I had been eyeing a chair from World Market for about a year and it finally went on sale a few months ago. I was so ecstatic! And since I had wanted it for such a long time, I knew I wouldn’t regret buying it. This is probably the happiest chair I have ever seen. It is super simple and can go with everything, but each of the buttons along the back are covered with different multi-colored fabric. And, to top it all off, it is so comfy! As soon as the chair arrived I set it all up in the room. Yes, it looked amazing, and yes it went perfectly with the quilt on the bed, but the rest of the room didn’t really fit in with such perfection.

Fast forward a month or so to the horrendous summer heat. This room, along with the other guest bedroom, gets direct sunlight all day. Our 50 year old windows just weren’t cutting it. So, we decided it was time to finish off our window replacements. We decided to install new construction windows on these front bedrooms to keep the window as large as possible. When installing retrofit windows, you lose about two inches all the way around. Completely replacing a window on wood siding is pretty simple, and everything went smoothly. We will see how it goes with stucco siding once we get to it…

I am literally the worst at covering my work area with plastic. All I covered were the pillows and like half of the bed. That’s what vacuums are for!


Once the window was in, the hubby worked on the exterior frame while I worked on the interior casing. The original windows didn’t have any casing – the sheet rock wrapped around the framing. I feel like having cased windows makes them look so much more grand and finished. I used the same casing as I did in our master bathroom, and once all of our windows are fully completed, the entire house will just look and feel that much better. And can I just say, I measured and cut this window casing perfectly! I didn’t need to fill any gaps with a ton of sealant! I was so proud of myself, hopefully I can replicate that with the rest of the windows.

Now that the window was completed, I hung up some sheer curtains. I can’t believe how perfect the curtain rod is! I figured I would just have to get a pretty standard curtain rod, but good ol’ Target came through for me. They had an industrial-looking rod that would really tie in the bedroom to the rest of the house. I ended up buying two and plan to use the other one in the second guest bedroom once that room is ready! My original plan was to use the rod and curtains as a kind of distraction from the window blinds. I like how much light blinds block when they are closed, but I really don’t like their supporting system along the top of the window. I haven’t completely ruled out installing blinds (see, never completely done), but I am highly considering adding in some thicker curtains behind the sheer curtains and using that as my primary window covering. We shall see!


The curtain rod did come with a center support, but the sheer curtains don’t weigh enough to make a difference.

With the window all set up, and my adorable chair and bed in their right spaces, I was ready to clear everything out of the room. With all of the unnecessary boxes in there, the room looks so perfect! Now I basically want someone to come stay with us just so they can use the room. I am hoping the the second guest bedroom turns out just as perfect!




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